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Latina Found A Poem That Her Deceased Grandmother Wrote About Her

The internet is sobbing (good tears) over a discovery by a young Latina in which she found that not only was her grandmother a poet, but that she also wrote a poem about her. In a tweet that has now gone viral, Jazmine — a writer based in Boston — tweeted the following:

Jazmine is clearly overtaken by the emotions of this incredible discovery. And because people were so interested about what the poem said — because it was written in Spanish — she translated it into English for everyone to enjoy.



How magical is that? Jazmine also shared the cover of the book which included a picture of her grandmother.

“This is the book however I don’t think they make it anymore, so my family will probably create a small book for her!!!” Jazmine tweeted. She also added that her grandmother died in 2011 after battling cancer for years. Jazmine was only 13 when her grandmother passed away. “I can’t stop crying and shaking I miss her so much,” Jazmine tweeted.

After getting so many comments and messages from people reading the poem, she tweeted: “Hi! Thank you so much for the sweet messages! I just called my abuelo (he’s so happy) I’m going to his house tonight to show them to him!”


Jazmine is a pretty lucky lady. How many of us can say that one of our grandparents used to be a poet, and actually was inspired enough to write a poem about their own granddaughter?

One lesson this teaches all of us is: if your grandparents are still alive, bombard them with questions because they hold so much history and knowledge about your family’s story. You’ll also discover who they used to be, where they used to work, and hear about their struggles and accomplishments.

Even if they don’t remember much, it’s important to get as much information as you can. Putting this off could lead to so much regret, especially when they’re gone.

Thanks, Jazmine, for sharing this lovely story and even lovelier poem with us. It’s truly unforgettable.