15 Latina Yogis Creating Community and Diversifying Yoga

Yoga has taken the west by storm! Those of you who are into it must follow or know about a few Instagram yogis, but let’s admit one thing, yoga is lacking diversity. Unfortunately the West has culturally appropriated the practice for aesthetic purposes. Monthly memberships cost as much or more than a monthly gym membership. In Los Angeles for example it ranges from $100 to $160 a month! Therefore it is not easily accessible to everyone and we end up seeing who benefits the most by observing the #yogaeverydamnday hashtag. After seeing the lack of diversity of women of color yogis I decided to do my research to find, follow, and know more about Latina yogis who not only practice yoga but also other forms of healing. Not only did I discover that we are out there practicing yoga but also teaching in our communities, making yoga more accessible for everyone! Check out and support the following 15 Latina yogis!

Cristy Marrero : New York, New York

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Ice, ice baby. 📸 @linoshkasotoperez

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Tell us about your yoga journey!

I’ve practiced Kundalini Yoga since 2011 because I found a sense of community in my center and an outlet to grief when my sister, my father, and my nephew passed away. It has saved me and kept me sane through tough times. I am a better person, a better professional, because of my practice.

What would you advise someone who may feel discouraged to practice yoga because they believe they are not “flexible” enough?

I would ask them to try Kundalini for a day. We have people in wheelchairs that are yogis. There are no mirrors, no flexibility competition, it’s a very inclusive practice because it focuses on the spirituality of yoga.

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