Retired Latino Astronaut Wants to School Racist Idaho Teachers About the American Dream

When news broke that teachers and staff at an Idaho elementary school dressed up as Trump’s border wall, people were livid

Photo: Unsplash/@thenikyv

Photo: Unsplash/@thenikyv

When news broke that teachers and staff at an Idaho elementary school dressed up as Trump’s border wall, people were livid. The idea that people who are supposed to teach students about culture, history, and how to be decent, would actually have the audacity to show up to school as stereotypical Mexicans is absurd.  They should get fired. However, some aren’t angry but rather offering to help these people grow.

Retired Latino astronaut and engineer Jose Hernandez said on Twitter that he is willing to meet with the teachers and staff at Middleton Elementary School to teach them about the American Dream.

“When public school teachers think it’s ok to do this….Well…Something is wrong with America,” Hernandez said. “Please vote folks and retake America for ALL AMERICANS! The current administration indirectly promotes this kind of behavior. We are better than this!!!” He then tweeted that he wanted to help and offer his services in order to educate. “I think I will call the Middleton School District & offer to tell my story of reaching the American dream. Only requirement is that those teachers sit in the front row! What do you say Superintendent Dr. Josh Middleton? It’s free sensitivity training! I will pay my way!!”

Hernandez also said that he doesn’t think the teachers at Middleton acted maliciously, but added that in his “humble opinion, the school district and it’s teachers are in dire need of sensitivity training. I am serious about going on this goodwill mission to Idaho.”

Superintendent Middleton should definitely take him up on his offer because aside from being a former NASA astronaut, Hernandez has a lot of experience working with teachers and students though his nonprofit, Reaching for the Stars Foundation.

Here’s his mission statement: “In creating this foundation, José M. Hernández aims to ensure the opportunities for students to pursue their educational and professional goals regardless of obstacles.  The efforts and goals of the foundation are designed to carry forward José’s aim of giving back to the community.”

It looks as if people are pushing for this sensitivity training to happen!

For the student’s sake, we’re hoping it does.

Some people in the community are petitioning for the staff and teachers to be reinstated back into their jobs. That is all fine and good, but they need to learn about ignorance and Latino history, and we think Hernandez would be the perfect teacher.

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