7 Latino Horror Movies That Will Leave You Muy Asustada

Halloween is all about the thrill of harmlessly getting scared

Photo: Unsplash/@sankavi9080

Photo: Unsplash/@sankavi9080

Halloween is all about the thrill of harmlessly getting scared. Nothing does just that as a deliciously petrifying horror movies. Latinos have been creating great scarers for decades. Here are some, from a variety of countries, that will have you muy asustada – just in time for Halloween.

À Meia Noite Levarei Sua Alma (At Midnight I Take Your Soul) (1964)

This cinematic gem is Brazil’s first horror film. In it, Coffin Joe, the local undertaker, finds out that his wife can’t have children. He is determined to continue his bloodline, and this incites a string of bloody murders. Will Joe finally pay for all the crimes he has gotten away with? Find out in this vintage classic.


Night of the Living Dead (1968)


You can’t talk horror without mentioning this legendary film. Before The Walking Dead, there was Night of the Living Dead, directed by Cuban-American George A. Romero. All Barbra and Johnny Blair want to do is visit their father’s grave in Pennsylvania. When the dead come alive and start going after everyone in sight, however, their plans soon change.


Cronos, (1993)

Cronos, by director Guillermo del Toro, took home nine Mexican Academy Awards, the international Critics Week prize at Cannes and was submitted as Mexico’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 66th Academy Awards. The story centers around Jesus Gris, an antique dealer who finds an ancient mechanical scarab, called Cronos, that gives him eternal life…and a thirst for blood. He isn’t the only one who wants the scarab, and soon he is fighting against dying tycoon Dieter de la Guardia for the right to live forever.

wp_*postsThe Others (2001)

You may have heard about The Others. After all, it starred megastar Nicole Kidman. The film was directed by Alejandro Amenábar, the son of a Spanish mother and Chilean father, and focuses on super-religious Grace and her two children. During WWII, they move to England, while waiting for her husband to come home from the war. Once she hires three domestic workers to help her in the dark house (Grace’s children are photosensitive), strange things start to happen.


Jennifer’s Shadow/Chronicle of the Raven (2004)


Poor birds. They never catch a break in horror films. Argentinian scary movie Jennifer’s Shadow (a.k.a Chronicle of the Raven) will make you scared to look at those huge, ink-colored birds all over again (I’m talking to you, The Birds). In it, Jennifer travels to Argentina to claim the inheritance left by her twin sister – a house in Buenos Aires. Once there, a curse from her grandmother (played by Faye Dunaway), has her dreaming every night that ravens are eating her insides.

wp_*postsThe Mystery of Casa Matusita (2017)

There’s nothing scarier than a scary movie based on true events. In Peru, there is a house that is believed to have a haunted second floor. Decades ago Argentinian TV personality stayed there for a few days, to dispel the myth. He left early…to go to a psychiatric hospital. In the film, a journalist and his wife move into the creepy abode, and of course, crazy stuff ensues.


Matlatl (2017)

El Salvador released Matlatl at the beginning of the year. In this movie, a father, teen son, and young daughter are forced to move to a remote area of the country after the tragic death of his wife. Guess who is waiting for them there? Legendary mythical creatures.

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