10 Latinx Murals Created for Hispanic Heritage Month You’ve Got to See

Art evolves. From cave paintings to town square statuary, the expression of public art — how it’s consumed and crafted — constantly changes and expands. Latinx artists have always been at the forefront of public art, from Diego Rivera to the Tats Cru. Paintings reflect the landscape of the city and the mindset of the people who live there. More importantly, artwork, especially murals, is a snapshot of history. In this time of radical social and political change, it’s important to document our culture, experiences, and stories.

At HipLatina, we love sharing the very best of Latinx art from outstanding Selena murals to empowering artwork from Latinx artists. That is why, as we wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re proudly showcasing a new form of artistic composition that wasn’t crafted through traditional methods but instead by modern tools, appropriate to the digital age. The artists highlighted below used Samsung smartphones to capture their visions and share their messages with audiences worldwide.

“The curated exhibition was made to inspire and celebrate a new generation of Latinx pioneers and is a part of the brand’s work in celebrating its Galaxy creator community,” Samsung said in a statement. “The digital exhibition will be showcased in several public spaces in New York City—including Times Square, Westfield at the World Trade Center.”




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