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13 of the Best Selena Murals in the U.S.

Selena Quintanilla is an icon—a legend. Whether through t-shirts, Halloween costumes, or celebrations, we always find a way to keep her memory alive. One of the best ways to immortalize a superstar is by splashing their image on a wall, supersized and resplendent, for all the world to see. So, you can imagine our excitement when we researched and found a ton of Selena Quintanilla murals in the U.S.

When you travel, you may want to see the best of Latinx culture. You may also want to see the best in art. And chances are, you want to see anything and everything Selena. So, if you’re looking for a fun trip, or an essential travel to-do list, check out 14 of the coolest Selena murals in the country (LoveSelena.com has a great list of more Selena murals and locations to visit!).

San Antonio, Texas

There better be Selena murals in her home state! This one located at Friends of Sound Records in San Antonio is breathtaking. You can check it out while perusing records at the vinyl store, located on Fredericksburg Road.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

New Mexico is also reppin’ for the Queen. This mural is located in Las Cruces, and is said to be located near Picacho Middle School. It’s a great rendition of Selena, and includes her signature roses.

Dallas, Texas

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A year ago during a podcast I told the good people at @decoloresco I wanted to paint a mural of Selena in Oak Cliff and preferably off Jefferson. They told me, don’t worry, we’ll find you a wall. A year later they reached back out asking if I still wanted to do the mural. “Uh, yeah! Of course.” “How much would you charge?” They asked. “Nothing” “Nothing?!?” They responded. “Yup, nothing.” It was important to me to give my time and skillset as a gift to a people who do nothing but give. This community is beautiful, and so rich in history, I wanted to give them something back instead of the trend of gentrification that’s taking so much from the area. Oak Cliff, this is my gift to you! The mural is located on the side of Top Ten Records at Jefferson and Bishop. Go check it out. Take pictures. Tag me.

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The great thing is that there are a lot of Selena murals in Texas, so it’s a great theme for a trip. This amazingly-lifelike one at Top Ten Records was painted by Jeremy Biggers, a gift for a neighborhood (Oak Cliff) that is changing in the face of gentrification.

Houston, Texas


It’s hard to believe that when this photo was taken, the “Anything for Selenas” by EMPYRE was unfinished! The beautiful artwork features a recognizable look from the music star, with her roses, painted in a supercool, 3-D way.

Los Angeles, California

You know a Selena mural is special when it’s Chris Perez approved. This artwork, by Levi Ponce, is located in the Plaza de la Raza in East L.A. It captures Selena’s beautiful smile, as seen in one of her best-known photos, and is captioned by one of her best-known songs.

Dallas, Texas


This Selena mural, located next to Guerrero Law, in West Dallas, was created by PonchaVeli. It takes its inspiration from the Amor Prohibido album cover, and adds a dreamy galaxy background, featuring Selena’s favorite color, purple.

Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles is home to several great Selena murals. This one, painted by Joy, just so happens to be part of a Latinx store you should be visiting anyway— Hija de tu Madre. From the cheery pink background, to the recognizable Selena singing her heart out in one of her classic looks, this mural is pura perfection.

Walker’s Point, Wisconsin


Props to Wisconsin for having a Selena mural! Mauricio Ramirez created this dope, artsy, Cubist piece of art, which features a throwback Selena when she had short hair. It’s something different in terms of Selena art, which makes it that much cooler.

Fresno, California


Central California is also holding it down for Selena. How gorgeous is this mural?! The work, by El Super and Ebony Esaparza, features a stunning image of the star, along with her signature, rose, and favorite color.

Los Angeles, California

The Stay Strong mural, by hengone and D Z, not only features Selena, but also fellow heroes Frida Kahlo and Dolores Huerta. It is located on the Fashion of Echo Park building, and is such a sign of women’s empowerment (especially for Latinxs). Because if there’s anything better than a mural with one strong Latina, it’s three.

San Antonio, Texas

Christopher Montoya’s mural in San Antonio is a colorful, dreamy homage to Selena. The self-taught artist captured Selena in all her glory, adding some fantastical length to her hair, which billowed over an indigenous print. You can see this awesomeness on South Flores Street. 

San Antonio, Texas


Another locale in San Antonio had to pay homage to one of Texas’ biggest icons as well. At the Hulu offices there, Selena’s face is emblazoned on a meeting room wall, with a papel picado print laid over her image. The company also has murals of Beyoncé and Tim Duncan, two other stars from the Lone Star State.

Los Angeles, California


Latinx Artist Sand One is known for painting pretty dolls with huge eyes and lashes. She gave Selena the Sand One treatment in this adorable mural in South Central Los Angeles. It’s so cool how two artists’ styles are completely represented in this one work.