12 of the Best-Selling Products From Latinx Beauty Brands

We have dedicated a lot of our coverage to finding you the latest and greatest Latinx-owned and operated beauty brands

Photo: Unsplash/@krisatomic

Photo: Unsplash/@krisatomic

We have dedicated a lot of our coverage to finding you the latest and greatest Latinx-owned and operated beauty brands. Nothing fills us up with joy more than discovering amazing products that also happen to be created by Latinos (or vice versa). We get to look fly, while also helping to support multiple dreams and our people as a whole.

That being said, we wanted to share products from 13 Latinx brands that are among their best-selling beauty products. And per usual, we want to make it easy to grab these fab finds, so we are including info on each and shoppable links. Enjoy!


Kat von D Tattoo Liner


An eyeliner that is a tried-and-true fan fave is Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner. We wrote about its staying power after a review went viral from a woman who still had her cat eye in place after a car accident. And with 16,000 reviews and 450,000 loves on Sephora, you know the vegan liquid eyeliner is already a classic.

(Sephora review)

“I’ve been an avid user of liquid liner for almost a decade and people seem to always ask me how I get it so precise. I tell them it’s taken me years but with this product, this could be your first time with eyeliner application and it will come as close to perfection as you can get. The shape and felt tip make it so effortlessly to apply. It basically feels like your just holding a normal pen and it only applies where you want it to. The tip helps you control the thickness of your lines. Does not smudge or crease. Anything I apply to my eyes has a great risk of creasing because of my small eyelid, but it stays in place all day through anything. I work in an environment where water splashes are common as well as hot steam, and it does not move. This product is very long lasting. I usually have to buy a new liner every 3 to 4 weeks because I use it a lot. I wear this eyeliner 6 out of 7 days. But with the tattoo liner, I am still on my first one and I purchased it about 8 weeks ago and I don’t plan on buying a new one for a while because it’s not near to running out yet. This is saving me tons of money!”

Available at sephora.com, $20


Vive Cosmetics ¡Qué Matte! Enduring Liquid Lipstick in Spanglish

Everything Cardi B touches turns to gold, including this best-selling liquid lipstick she’s wearing, by Vive Cosmetics, okurrr?! The color is a great neutral, and the name is just as great — Spanglish! Yes, and si, please!

(Vive Cosmetics review)

“I really needed a long-lasting nude lippy for my collection and was able to use it for a very important work conference. I wore it all day through all the food and drinks and speeches! I felt so professional and respected and got tons of compliments!”

Available at vivecosmetics.com, $19


Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in Illuminati, $27

Highlighter is literally your time to shine when it comes to cosmetics. Shine bright like a diamond with Artist Couture’s Diamond Glow Powder. It comes in several versions; we are loving the glowy Illuminati.

(Artist Couture review)

“This product simply works. It is not too glittery like some highlighter products that are really heavy on chunky glitter bits that you can see. I like products that have a finer more subtle sheen, not bits of sparkly glitter.”

Available on artistcouture.com, $27


Reina Rebelde Rebel Eye Paint for Brows + Eyes in Frida

Photo: ReinaRebelde.com

Reina Rebelde makes fierce and fun beauty products inspired by Latinidad, like this great eye and brow paint in a dark brown color named Frida. This product is among the Latinx brand’s best sellers.

(Reina Rebelde review)

“My friend told me about this product, I can’t say enough good things about it and how many ways I use it. I have since heard about it all over instagram.”


Besame Cosmetics Lipstick in 1920-Besame Red


We couldn’t forget the classic Bésame red lipstick shade, Besame Red. A true replica of the red lipstick colors of the 1920s. The cool, blue-toned true red has a semi-matte finish and a bold hue that gives off total flapper girl vibes. The best part about this color and all of Bésame Cosmetics’ products is that they are classic products that won’t go out of style, having lasted the test of time.

(Besame Cosmetics review)

“I don’t normally like cooler red lipsticks but this lip surprised me! It looks absolutely stunning on me and I’ve received many compliments and it’s taken the place of my usual go-to red.

I will say this lipstick was a little tricky to use at first since I am not used to the bullet shape but I’ve watched some reviews and tutorials since

and have been able to apply is well–giving me the perfect pout!”

Available on besamecosmetics.com, $22


Melt Cosmetics The Baby Girl Stack Eyeshadows

Warm-toned colors for the eyes are still a thing in beauty — think rich red, bold burgundies, and awesome oranges. Melt Cosmetics made the perfect palette for this trend with their The Baby Girl stack. The colors are intense but not crazy (or trendy) enough that they can’t be worn time and time again in the future.

(Melt Cosmetics review)

“I write my review in italian: sono innamorata delle stack di MELT! Baby girl ha dei colori fantastici, saturi, sfumabilissimi. Vi amooo!
I’ m in love with your stacks! Baby girl is so stunning, its colours are pigmented, blendable. Whatelse? I love you melt!”

Available on meltcosmetics.com, $58


Dose of Colors Lipliner in Escape

Photo: DoseofColors.com

Latinx cosmetics brand Dose of Colors has come through with beautifully pigmented lipsticks, eyeshadows, and other products, like their lipliner, which comes in an array of hues. One of their best sellers is this liner in Escape, a golden brown.

(Ulta review)

“I really love this lip liner and the color selection. The price is fair. I like retraction so much because most liners you have to sharpen and it’s so annoying! The only thing is that it makes it a bit hard to fill in your lips if you like to use liner for that reason. It’s perfect as just a lip liner but if you don’t have extremely smooth lips, the dryer formula will catch and not give you an even application. It is true to color and lasts forever once applied”

Available on doseofcolors.com, $14


KL Polish in Broccoli & Chocolate

Photo: KLPolish.com

(KL Polish review)

KL Polish has many dope options for you when you decide to indulge in your welcome to fall mani and pedi. A particularly cool color is best-seller Broccoli & Chocolate, a rich brown neutral shade. In addition to being the perfect cold-weather hue, it is also cruelty-free, vegan, and 12-free.

“This color is lovely. It’s brown with neutral and green tones. Not warm at all (which is rare in brown shades in my experience). It’s a wonderful dark nail without being red/purple/blue/black. This is the perfect shade if you are looking for a dark yet neutral nail.

I love all the KL polishes I have used. They dry quickly and last 3-4 days with no chipping. Anytime I am wearing a KL polish, people assume I had my nails done professional bc they look so neat and shiny.

I have only used darker shades. They do require 2 coats to be opaque The first coat goes on thin and looks VERY patchy. However, this is part of the magic. The thin formula dries fast and spreads easily with ZERO clumping/streaking. No brush steaks. The second coat makes the polish opaque and lovely.”

Available on klpolish.com, $6


Beautyblender The Original Beautyblender

Although there are several different iterations of this makeup lifesaver, there’s nothing like the original. The O.G. beautyblender has a whopping 310,000 loves on Sephora, proving that this Latinx created product is a massively successful beauty must-have.

(Sephora review)

“Absolutely love this product. This is my go to application when applying foundation. When I apply my foundation the outcome looks like my makeup was done by a pro. Almost as if I am airbrushed. It is a little pricey for a product that probably won’t last you 6 months, but just close your eyes”

Available on sephora.com, $20


Selenia Beauty Nail Polish in Agrado

We are proud to say that this gorgeous shade from an Afro-Latinx brand! Selenia Beauty’s best-selling La Agrado is a rich, deep, dark burgundy that’s perfect for autumn and winter. Added bonus?! The line is vegan, cruelty-free, and 10-free.

Available on etsy.com, $12


Tata Harper Skincare Repairative Moisturizer

Tata Harper has created a hydrating moisturizer, made from 28 high-performing botanical ingredients, that helps against dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and a lack of essential vitamins and nutrients. It’s a luxe investment in the future of your skin.

(Tata Harper review)

“The repairative moisturizer is the best! Hydrating, without being heavy, and leaves skin soft and supple. Highly recommend!”

Available on tataharperskincare.com, $110


J’dez Beauty

We’re not sure if J’dez Beauty’s OMG highlight palette is a best-seller, but it’s one of our faves! The ethereal hues will give you a touch of color and that heavenly glow.

(J’dez Beauty review)

“Amo estos iluminadores, los uso todos los días, Pink cielo y Snow Dust son mis favoritos ??? pero realmente los cuatro son hermosoooooos ❤️❤️❤️”

Available at jdezbeauty.com, $29

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