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In a time when Latinxs are working toward representation in industries like Hollywood and technology, many are taking it upon themselves to find a way to showcase their talents, educate, build community, and still make a living

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In a time when Latinxs are working toward representation in industries like Hollywood and technology, many are taking it upon themselves to find a way to showcase their talents, educate, build community, and still make a living.  Members of the workforce are leaving their 9-to-5s at an unprecedented rate—many to find more fulfilling work as entrepreneurs, whether that means as content creators or small business owners. In fact, so many people quit their jobs in 2021, the movement is now being dubbed, “The Great Resignation.” And the very best thing we can do as a society, is to support those individuals that are a part of changing the game.

Corporate America just isn’t cutting it anymore, and as a Latinx community, we know well what it’s like to be rejected by those systems and have watched multiple generations of our families tap into their entrepreneurial spirits in order to change their life circumstances. From bodega and hair salon owners to cleaning and construction company founders, we’ve seen our family members turn nothing into something with the help of their communities. In 2022, there are more ways to do just that.

With platforms like Patreon, we are able to support the business ventures and passion projects of Latinx people around the country, by making monthly donations in exchange for exclusive member content and community engagement. And while it may seem like a small thing, we’re living in an age where we absolutely must support the things we believe in, and to those creators, every bit of support matters. So we’ll take any opportunity we get to uplift fellow members of the Latinx community that give us so much valuable content. wp_*posts

Latino Book Review

Latino Book Review is a magazine that is working to promote Latinx writers, whether those writers work in fiction or non-fiction, research, poetry or even as essayists. Using a well-rounded approach that includes the print magazine, blog posts, podcasts and social media, Latino Book Review is letting the writers speak for themselves by giving them a place to explain their work, their passions and their visions. Members get access to digital content, swag and communication with the editor-in-chief, depending on level of membership selected. Monthly donation amounts range from $2-$25.

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Eat Your Spanish Podcast

We’ve been kind of obsessed with the Eat Your Spanish podcast ever since we decided to homeschool during the 2020-2021 school year, and we absolutely had to join founders, Evan and Vanessa on Patreon. Every member gets access to exclusive Spanish-language learning materials for kids, a handwritten note from Evan and Vanessa and a little bit of swag too. Monthly donation amounts range from $2-$25.

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Latinx Parenting

Leslie Priscilla Arreola-Hillenbrand launched the Latinx Parenting organization with the goal of helping Latinx families with “creating a trauma-informed, healing centered, nonviolent and cultural sustaining approach,” to parenting or in other words, to #EndChanclaCulture. The organization hosts workshops and classes and even has a scholarship fund, but also offers tons of advice, tips and anecdotes on social, and to its Patreon members. Members get access to exclusive parenting content, discounted tickets to workshops and classes and more, dependent on level selected. Monthly donation amounts range from $5-$35.

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Latinx Lens

Every Latinx movie buff should know about the Latinx Lens podcast, which is hosted by two Latinas who discuss Latinx representation in the film and television industry and offer up movie reviews from a Latinx perspective, with new episodes dropping every week. They joined Patreon with the hope of growing their business by being able to purchase new equipment, hire staff and continue to cover their website operating costs, and in exchange, offer members behind-the-scenes content, swag and early access to certain content, depending on level selected. Monthly donation amounts range from $1-$30.

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Latinx people are severely under-represented in the tech field in the United States, and the folks over at Techqueria are doing their best not just to combat that, but to create a community for Latinx people who are in tech and those who aspire to be. It’s a non-profit organization that hopes to provide professional resources, as well as networking and mentorship opportunities for Latinx tech professionals. Techqueria Patreon members get a shout-out tweet (with tag, of course) and the opportunity to have a public profile on the company’s website, depending on level selected. Monthly donation amounts range from $1-$100.

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Latinos Who Lunch Podcast

Latinx pop culture junkies can get their fix with the guys of the Latinos Who Lunch podcast, which covers everything from pop culture and art to identity politics and representation, all with a Latinx slant. The Patreon donations have been used for equipment, podcast fees and to pay a production team. Monthly donation requests are currently paused, but you can sign up to support them from their Patreon page, and receive access to exclusive content and the opportunity to connect with the hosts privately.

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Now What Podcast

Diane and DJ LG of Now What Podcast on Now What Radio, are intentionally creating content for Latinx and Black listeners who want to delve deeper into the many issues that face us daily. They are committed to uniting Black and Brown communities and amplifying the voices within them, through hip-hop music, social commentary and political analysis and discourse. Members of the Now What Podcast Patreon get exclusive content, social media shout-outs, swag and more, depending on membership level selected. Monthly donation amounts range from $3-$20.

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Cynthia Poems

Want to support Latinx artists? We suggest starting with Cynthia Poems on Patreon. Cynthia Román Cabrera is a Dominican and Puerto Rican poet from the Bronx, who describes herself as a “Spanglish storyteller.” She started her Patreon with the goals of creating community for Latinx individuals with shared experiences, being transparent and vulnerable with her fans and followers and challenging herself. Members of Cynthia’s Patreon have access to monthly check-ins with Cynthia, member exclusive poems by Cynthia, advance chapters of the book she’s working on as well as the opportunity to offer feedback, printables, community poetry workshops, live Q&As and more, depending on membership level selected. Monthy donation amounts range from $5-$15.

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Healed Hijas

Michelle Gomez is a spiritual life coach intent on helping Latinas and women of color specifically, heal from past trauma, and step into their best, most enlightened and free lives, by tapping into their “feminine energy.” Michelle offers virtual coaching sessions and runs a Facebook group called Healed Hijas, which currently has more than 400 members, all of whom are adult daughters struggling with strained relationships with their mothers. Members of her Patreon receive a ton of resources including monthly video session on healing, spiritual and ancestral practices, group coaching calls, virtual healing circles, moon rituals, a chat community, various live streams and early access to special events, workshops and retreats. There is only one membership level, which requires a $7 per month donation.

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LatinoLabs Podcast

Whether you’re a scientist or a science nerd who wants to know more about how things work, LatinoLabs podcast is for you. It was created by a group of Latinx scientists who want to make science more approachable for the masses, to help keep interested parties abreast of recent scientific developments and of course, to break down how the process of science works. Episodes are available in both English and Spanish and each focuses on a single topic. Funds received from Patreon are used to produce the podcast. Members receive access to exclusive content, Google hangouts with the producers of the podcast, and the ability to share episodes on your own site, depending on membership level selected. Rather than monthly donations, LatinoLabs asks for donations per episode, which range from $1-$100, with benefits increasing accordingly.

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