8 Holiday Films Featuring Latinx Talent To Watch This Month

From "Christmas with You" to "Holiday in Santa Fe", these holiday films starring Latinx talent are perfect for the season

Latinx Holiday Movies

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With the holiday season in full swing, there’s no better time to snuggle up on the couch with some popcorn and hot chocolate, pull on a pair of fuzzy socks, and turn on a holiday movie. There are so many to choose from but unfortunately, not enough of them represent people from our community or our stories, making them somewhat difficult to relate to. So often we see our community struggling on screen that it’s just as important to see stories that are lighthearted, fun, and comforting during this time of year. We deserve beautiful holidays too! This is not an exhaustive list but a starting point as you start to put together your holiday watch list this year. Read on to learn more about eight holiday films featuring Latinx talent you can check out this month.

Feliz NaviDAD

Starring Mario Lopez in the lead role, Feliz NaviDAD follows David Morales, a high school principal and single dad who is struggling to lean into the holiday spirit after losing his wife a few years prior. Determined to continue avoiding Christmas by moonlighting as a delivery driver, David’s life changes when his teen daughter Noel and sister Marissa sign him up for an online dating site. He might find love again in Sophie, a musician and customer on his delivery route, and in turn he’ll also rediscover the spirit of Christmas.

Feliz NaviDAD is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Nothing Like The Holidays

Nothing Like The Holidays features an all-star Latinx cast including Freddy Rodriguez, John Leguizamo, Luis Guzmán, Elizabeth Peña, and Alfred Molina and follows the Puerto Rican Rodriguez family during one life-changing Christmas in Chicago. The rest of the year, all the family members are scattered across the country, coming together once a year during the holiday season. But as with any family, there’s heaps of drama: Jesse still pines after a past love, his brother Mauricio is married to a power-hungry wife, and their mother Anna reveals that she’s about to divorce their father Edy. Quickly, hijinks ensue for what very well might be the family’s last Christmas together.

Nothing Like the Holidays is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

How the Gringo Stole Christmas

In what is sure to become a new Christmas classic, How the Gringo Stole Christmas is a holiday comedy film starring George Lopez as Bennie, a Mexican father who is excited for the Christmas season, as it means that his daughter is coming home. What he doesn’t expect is to meet her new boyfriend Leif for the first time or, even worse, for that boyfriend to be white. Determined to reassert his dominance, Bennie goes all out on his Mexican decorations and bullies Leif to no end, causing problems for the whole family. The film also stars Mariana Treviño Ortiz and Emily Tosta.

How the Gringo Stole Christmas is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Holiday In Santa Fe

Holiday in Santa Fe is another romantic holiday movie starring Mario Lopez, this time as Tony Ortega, the son of the family matriarch Milagro Ortega and employee at their family business Casa de Milagro in Santa Fe along with his sister Magdalena. Known for their award-winning Mexican-inspired holiday ornaments and décor, Casa is at risk of being taken over by a corporate greeting card and holiday décor chain in Chicago at the hands of executive Belinda Sawyer played by Emeraude Toubia. When Milagro unexpectedly dies and Belinda lands in Santa Fe to begin the acquisition process, Tony and Magdalena, who have worked at the store all their lives, struggle to find their Christmas spirit again. And just when all seems lost, Belinda begins to have feelings for Tony, realizing that there may be more to this shop and this town than she thought.

Holiday in Santa Fe is available to watch on Hulu and the Lifetime Channel.

Sugar Plum Twist

Sugar Plum Twist follows Vivíana Serrano, an aspiring ballerina who fails to get her dream role as the Sugar Plum Fairy in the annual production of The Nutcracker. Determined to not let the setback define her or her dreams, she decides to join forces with retired New York City Ballet dancer Natalia to create her own powerful performance of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy — but with more dancers and a Latin twist.

Sugar Plum Twist is available to watch on the Hallmark Channel.

Christmas With You

Christmas with You stars Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Aimee Garcia and tells the story of Angelina (Garcia), a famous pop star who decides to escape from her chaotic, overwhelming life and career to grant the wish of Cristina, a young fan in New York who wants to meet her. When the town is overrun by a snowstorm, Cristina and her single father Miguel (Prinze Jr.) welcome Angelina into their home. She discovers that Miguel is a budding songwriter and their musical collaboration leads to a real connection that reintroduces the possibility of real love for both them. Bonus: Latin food is front and center with tamales and pozole taking center stage during family dinner.

Christmas With You is available to watch on Netflix.

El Sabor de la Navidad (2023)

El Sabor de la Navidad explores and weaves together three Christmas stories to create one, fun holiday classic starring Mexican actors Andrés Almeida and Pamela Almanza. In the first, a daughter seeks to reconcile with her emotionally tense family during the season. In the second, a man takes on a job as a Santa Claus and struggles to embody the Christmas spirit until he befriends two girls at a festival. In the third, a professional chef who cooks Christmas dinners for other families finds herself torn between her love for her job and her feelings for her kitchen assistant.

El Sabor de la Navidad is available to watch on VIX.

Memories of Christmas (2018)

Memories of Christmas stars Christina Milian as Noelle, a young businesswoman who returns to her small town to sell her late mother’s house. One morning, she wakes up to find Dave hammering on the side of the house, an electrician her mother had hired to fix up the house. Moved by his love for the Christmas season, she decides to host the annual Christmas gala and continue her mother’s legacy of bringing community together and sharing love for others. Along the way, she reunites with old friends and figures from her childhood and finds herself falling for Dave, just in time for Christmas.

Memories of Christmas is available to watch on The Roku Channel and Prime Video

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