10 Latinx-Owned Coffee Brands All Cafecito Lovers Need to Try

Our morning cafecito is a sacred ritual that we've seen in our household ever since we were young

Latinx owned coffee

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Maybe some of us enjoyed sips of coffee when we were young (let’s be real!) but no matter at what stage you started drinking it, coffee is a staple for many of us. Latin America has grown coffee for decades and these coffee brands, all with Latin roots, are celebrating their culture and helping out their communities along the way. Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day but we celebrate it 365 days a year and so we wanted to share the Latinx-owned coffee brands you need to check out. Read on to learn more about these 10 brands to upgrade your cafecito.


Coffee Del Mundo

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Afro-Latinx Jonathan Kinnard created Coffee Del Mundo for people of color in his community, collaborating with farmers throughout LATAM.   Their Latin America Tour package includes four individually packed cold brews from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, and Guatemala which is a really fun and accessible way to try the different flavors.


787 Coffee

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Brandon Pena and Sam Sepulveda brought their “farm-to-cup”  Puerto Rican coffee to New York during the pandemic. Aside from the fresh flavors, their coffee brand helps low income residents in their community. Looking for a good cup of espresso? Try their whiskey infused coffee, it has hints of vanilla and orange peel.


Monociclo Coffee Roasters

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Mexican coffee maker Alfredo Perez started Monociclo Coffee Roasters in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. One of their speciality products includes green coffee which is directly from plantations in Chiapas, Veracruz, Guerrero, and Oaxaca. If you are ever in Baja California, stop by one of his four coffee shops.


Volcanica Coffee Company

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It’s pumpkin season and Volcanica Coffee has got exactly what we need this fall. Their pumpkin spice flavored decaf coffee is just one of many flavored coffees in their inventory. From gingerbread to eggnog, Volcanica Coffee has what you need for that sweet tooth. This family-owned business was inspired by their homeland of Costa Rica and focuses on exotic coffees with high-quality ingredients from around the world.


La Monarca

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Inspired by their hometown in Mexico, bakers Alfredo and Ricardo started La Monarca Bakery and Cafe. They originally started with pan dulce and pastries but branched out with organic Mexican coffee. What else do you drink with pan dulce anyway? Their best seller is their Cafe de la Olla, made with organic Oaxaca coffee, real cinnamon, and brown cane sugar. You will not be disappointed.


Scary Good Coffee


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Scary Good Coffee co-founders Nancy and Shannon realized that coffee’s magic comes from the way it’s made and where the beans come from and that’s what inspired their foray into the biz.  The Black/Latinx-owned brand features  products have scary names to match their brand: Zombie Breakfast Coffee Blend and Werewolf Expresso Blend, just to name a few. Their Zombie Blend is said to get you out of that zombie state in the morning with hints of toffee and chocolate.


Earth Beans and Fire Coffee Company


Jose Alejandro Calderon believes that coffee is a reflection of you and so he created Earth Beans and Fire Coffee Company to prove just that. He offers coffees from Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia and there’s a sample pack available from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Tanzania. The beans are fire roasted once and only when the order is placed so it’s truly a fresh coffee experience.




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Paul and Christina Bobadilla created this Chicano-influenced coffee brand inspired by their cultural heritage.  They regularly fundraise for youth programs and other community initiatives so with each cup of coffee that you drink, you’re helping others in need. They recently released “Brown and Beautiful”, a  blend of a Washed India and a Washed Colombia beans from Tolima for a chocolately/fruit flavor. They  collaborated with muralist Nana Villanueva to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month for the limited edition flavor.


El Cielito Café

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Owner Daniel Oliveras created El Cielito Cafe because he felt like their wasn’t sufficient Latinx representation in the coffee world. He works with farmers within Latin America selling coffee beans from Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador. If you can’t make it to the LA-based coffee shop you can order from the online shop. One of his most popular blends would be the El Cielito Roasted Coffee (Brazil) – grown in the state of Minas Gerais, it has hints of hazelnut and dulce de leche.


Muchacha Coffee


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Muchacha coffee is owned by Diana Hoyos, a Colombiana who experienced first-hand the struggles that women face when trying to climb the corporate ladder. She decided to use Muchacha Coffee as an opportunity to empower women working with Latina farmers who act as an independent company. Muchacha roasts and ships out their coffee once a week so you are guaranteed to get the freshest flavor. Coffee Ines is their current product with peach, floral, and red apple flavors and originating from Colombia.

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