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Photo: Heather Ford on Unsplash

10 Foods From Latinx-Owned Businesses That Are Perfect for Cinco de Mayo

What better time is there to celebrate and support Latinx-owned businesses than on a holiday that’s largely been co-opted by other people? This Cinco de Mayo—and really every day—we’re all about putting our dollars where our mouths (and our beliefs) are, and that means when we can buy from Latinx-owned companies, we do. So whether it’s for regular, every day, snacking, drinking, and eating or for a special occasion like Cinco de Mayo or even Taco Tuesday, we love supporting these Latinx companies that are bringing high-quality items to the Latin food aisle.

From grain-free tortillas and chips to clean sauces and snacks, and even tequilas that honor authentic Mexican traditions, there are Latinx-owned food companies putting out some seriously tasty products these days, and we are totally here for it. Here are 10 of our favorite foods created and produced by Latinx companies that are perfect for a Cinco de Mayo feast or any time you want to whip up a meal.

Tia Lupita: Nopal Tortillas

Tia Lupita’s Nopal Tortillas are a grain-free, nutritious option for your tacos, and what we love even more than that is that they feature nopales, an ingredient that’s been used in indigenous and traditional Mexican cooking for generations. They look beautiful, they have a great texture, and they’ll make you feel good about indulging on taco night.

Tia Lupita: Habanero Chips

Tia Lupita’s grain-free tortilla chips are also made with cactus and we’re partial to the habanero flavor though they’re all delicious. It tastes a lot like Spicy Nacho Doritos, but without the fake dyes and other unnatural ingredients. They are light and crispy with just the right amount of spice, and they’re perfect for dipping in salsa or guac, or as the base for a batch of nachos.

Tia Lupita: Salsa Verde

This salsa verde is so good! You can literally put it on anything. It has a tiny kick, but mostly it’s just super-flavorful. It’s fantastic on fish tacos, but honestly just as good on eggs, or as a dip for the aforementioned chips. Even those who don’t like foods that are a little picante will love this – we promise.

Loisa Seasonings

Although more Caribbean-inspired than Mexican, Loisa seasonings are a wonderful clean alternative to some other brands’ blended seasoning mixes. The adobo and sazon include a lot of the spices that are typical in Mexican cuisine as well, such as coriander and cumin, so they are great for using on a variety of proteins that are used in Mexican food.

Llamaland Preserves

The superfruit preserves from Llamaland Organics make for an excellent appetizer when paired with some cheese and fruit. They are inspired by co-founder Ismael Petrozzi’s Peruvian heritage and the many incredible foods that are native to his country. Flavors include Camu Camu, Lucuma, and Golden Berries.

Siete Foods: Enchilada Sauce

Siete Foods enchilada sauces are made from whole foods and that’s something we can always get behind. While it includes typical ingredients like tomatillos and jalapeños, it also has chia seeds, turmeric, and flaxseeds. We love that Latinx-owned brands are shifting gears and creating convenience products inspired by our authentic foods, sans all the junk that we’ve been subjected to for decades now.

Siete Foods: Churro Strips

Siete Foods’ Churros Strips are perfect for when you’re craving that deep-fried, cinnamon-sugar-coated goodness, but want to avoid the extra calories. This grain-free treat is made with cassava flour, avocado oil, and coconut sugar, which means it’s no longer a guilty pleasure because you can feel good about eating it. The brand was founded by a Mexican-American family from South Texas with a mission to create grain-free Mexican foods that are still delicious and it’s clear with these churros strips – and really all their products – that they’ve achieved that.

Guelaguetza Mole Paste

The mole from James Beard award-winning Guelaguetza restaurant in Los Angeles, is so beloved they decided to jar it. You can buy their authentic Oaxacan-style mole pastes in the coloradito, rojo or negro varieties to create delicious, flavorful Mexican sauces at home any time.

Doña Vega Mezcal

Now for the bevvies! Doña Vega crafts small-batch, artisanal spirits for fans of the uniquely smoky flavor profile of mezcal, not to be confused with tequila. It’s the national spirit of Mexico and when founder Sonya Vega discovered it, it inspired her to reconnect with her roots and create a spirit that would make her ancestors proud.

YaVe Tequila

Paying homage to both Mexico and New York City, YaVe Tequila prides itself in offering a unique, sippable spirit that honors Mexican tradition and New York attitude. Made with volcanic water, YaVe tequilas come in a variety of flavors including jalapeno, mango and the classic tequila blanco.