12 Latinx-Owned Etsy Shops Repping Our Culture

Etsy offers handmade, vintage, and unique finds that are a breath of fresh air from what you’ll find in big name stores and it also gives budding entrepreneurs a chance to grow their business

Latinx Etsy Shop Seelene Succulents

Photo: Instagram/@seelene_succulents

Etsy offers handmade, vintage, and unique finds that are a breath of fresh air from what you’ll find in big name stores and it also gives budding entrepreneurs a chance to grow their business. Within the world of Etsy, there is a growing number of Latinx-owned shops that continuously create products that provide representation. As Latina entrepreneurship continues to grow we are seeing more representation in commerce than ever before and we are here for it.

Good news: you don’t have to fall down the proverbial rabbit hole on Etsy, searching for the best Latinx Etsy stores, we did the work for you, combing through the site to discover and share some of our favorite tiendas. Here are 12 of our favorite Latinx Etsy stores.


For those who want vibrant, artsy planters; Latinx beaded bracelets, and their fill of both Frida Kahlo and La Virgen de Guadalupe merch, the Seelene La Moon Etsy shop has you covered. The Modesto, California store is ran by Seelene, who doesn’t skimp on color or detail on her must-have products that showcase the beauty and vibrancy of our cultura.

PINK Earrings Frida Mug, Available at etsy.com, $19.99



Quinty Moda is run by Quinty in Dallas, Texas, featuring in-your-face products that speak the truths we all proclaim.Totes, tees, decor, and more is emblazoned with messages such as “no one is illegal on stolen land,” and “tu lucha es mi lucha.”

No One is Illegal on Stolen Land Tote Bag, Available at etsy.com, $18




If there is a time for soothing, natural, amazing-smelling candles, it’s right now and when the scents are based on Latinx culture, it just adds another level of nostalgia and comfort. La Velita Soy Candles, a brand created by Andrea in El Paso, makes soy wax, wood wick candles in scents including rosita linda, canelabaza, and cafe y pan.

Rosita Linda (Mexican Rose) Soy Wax Wood Wick Candle – 8oz, Available at etsy.com, $15



Samuel Rios Cuevas is the artist behind Hispanic Legacy Studio, from Añasco, Puerto Rico. The Etsy shop stocks beautiful, hand drawn Caribbean, Central American, and South American art. You’ll see homages to icons like Roberto Clemente and Frida Kahlo, cultural symbols like the Mexican luchador and el coqui all in stunning black and white. There’s also a new children’s decor section with heartwarming images of children and positive messages like “se valiente.”

Puerto Rican Wall Art Jibara Taina, Available at etsy.com, $64-$84



Photo: ArtAndean/Etsy

Sercil’s Art Andean based in Pisac, Peru is brimming with beautiful sterling silver jewelry, Shipibo embroidery, bags, and more that highlight Indigenous and Peruvian culture. There’s something for everyone, from the classic, neutral silver to a colorful rainbow of hues.

Silver Condor Earrings, Available at etsy.com, $87



We need to remind ourselves of the important messages that keep us motivated and inspired and what better way than with pretty jewelry? Eldris and Noelia are the fierce ladies behind the equally fierce, Miami-based jewelry line Yaasss Reina. Their bracelets and necklaces are emblazoned with messages like “ponte las pilas,” and “poderosa” to keep your body and spirit shining bright like diamonds.

Ponte Las Pilas Bracelet, Available at etsy.com, $25



Why send a generic mainstream card when you can send a hilarious one that puts Latinx culture front and center? Magic Mood Art, out of Chino Hills, California, designs fun greeting cards featuring Latinx culture markers such as Vivaporu, Fabuloso, and the iconic Walter Mercado so you know you’ll find

Con Mucho Mucho Amor Card, Available at etsy.com, $5



Latinx are prone to getting nostalgic about cultural references especially when surrounded by others who get that reference. Put something we grew up with on a pin, sticker, or T-shirt and we are going to want to buy it. Like what Fanesha Fabre Art did with these need-them-now Sabado Gigante stickers, and other products. Afro-Dominicana Fanesha Fabre runs the Etsy shop out of Brooklyn, New York.

Sabado Gigante sticker pack. 2 sheets per pack 5×7, Available at etsy.com, $8.50



Art showcasing Latinidad is always good to have but not easily found if you don’t know where to look. Etsy shops like Vivid Vidal, created and run by Afro-Dominicana Stephanie Vidal, in New York is the place for art pieces that highlight Latin American culture. Her art is vibrant, detailed, fiercely feminine, and totally Latina with pieces like La Jadinera highlighting women of color.

La Jardinera, Available at etsy.com, $40-$75



Central Americans have long been left out of many Latinx-themed accessories and clothing but now we are seeing more and more brands shout out Central American countries like El Salvador. Mimster Shop Co., run by “imaginative Cipota” Mimster in L.A., reps El Salvador hard. We’re talking pupusa socks, bicha hats, and a mug that lists Salvadorian delicacies such as tamales, quesadillas, and panes rellenos. This is the kind of representation that all Latin American countries deserve.

Bicha, Salvadoreña, El Salvador, Guanaca, Dad Hat (Washed Mustard Yellow), Available at etsy.com, $18.99



Photo: Gilded Nopal/Etsy

One of the best things to come out of the growth of Latinx-American brands is that we are finally seeing ourselves in these products. Our narratives are not only being represented, but celebrated and it’s about time. “Home of the original concha heart,” Gilded Nopal makes everything from patches to apparel to prints that vibrantly put Latinas front and center. Standouts include the “Morena Magic” tee, and the “Migration is Beautiful” Pin.

Migration is Beautiful Pin, Available at etsy.com, $10.26


Jen Zeano Designs

Fashion has the opportunity to speak for us, to share our identity and values and to not only make us feel good but to let those around us know what we’re about. Jen Zeano Designs, based in Brownsville, Texas exemplifies this intention with accessories and clothing with messages that encourage people to vote, that we are fuerte and feliz, we have Latina power, and that si se puede. The entire brand is devoted to uplifting Latinx culture through empowering messages and cultural references.

Vote Shirt, Available at etsy.com, $50

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