9 Latinx-Owned Plant Accessories to Add to Your Space

In the past two years we've been home more than ever and as a result we've been sprucing up our space and part of that is more houseplants

Plant Accessories Latinx owned

Photo: Etsy.com/thelagarden.com

In the past two years we’ve been home more than ever and as a result we’ve been sprucing up our space and part of that is more houseplants. Regardless of how big or small your home is, plants make everything look brighter and open. Whether you’re a new plant mami or you have plantitas throughout your house, finding the perfect plant accessories can be challenging. The good news is that there’s no shortage of Latinx-owned plant products you can buy online, like the Frida Kahlo Planter by Pothead PR or some Terra-cotta Pot Scented Candles from Latinx With Plants. We’ve found great plant accessories options to up make your space look even more beautiful while also helping support Latinx-owned brands.


Finca Planters by Franca


Image: fincanyc.com

Jazmin de la Guardia was born in Paraguay, grew up with a mom from Uruguay and a father from Cuba and is the designer behind these artsy plantars from Franca. The dainty patterns will make your space more homey and chic and they come in different sizes so you can fill them with succulent bonsai, a small cactus, or small snake plants.

Finca Planters, $48, available at francanyc.com


Ponte Trucha Ceramic Pot by Succulent Mamis


Image: etsy.com

These cute customizable pots come in pink or white and include a drainage hole and ceramic tray.   You can fill it with succulents and put it in your bedroom or plant some fresh herbs and grow them in your kitchen. Succulent Mamis make cute pots for any mood, make sure to check out their collection.

Ponte Trucha Ceramic Pot, $10, available at etsy.com


Yo Perreo Sola Pot by PotHead Art


Image: Instagram/@potheadartllc

You can’t go wrong with a Bad Bunny lyric but these painted terracotta designs from Afro-Puerto Rican artist Cristyn can be customized to whatever you love.We also love her Frida Kahlo-inspired pot featuring with flowers pasted on the pot for a beautiful added touch that’ll go great with a succulent.

Yo Perreo Sola Pot, direct message PotHead Art for pricing, (@potheadartllc)


Frida Kahlo Planter by Pothead PR


Image: etsy.com

The Frida Khalo Planter by Pothead PR brings major inspiration from one of our favorite Mexican artists. It’s so different from other planters because it’s made with concrete and hand painted with a fabric flower crown. It’s *almost* too pretty to put a plant in and it’s literal art that works in any room.

Frida Khalo Planter, $30, available at etsy.com


Macrame Plant Hanger by Ficus Clay


Image: etsy.com

We see macrame plant hangers all over IG so naturally we all want one now. Having plants hang from your wall or ceiling is not only pretty but functional especially if you don’t have a lot of space. Just remember to keep these plants small and don’t hang over anything that can be damaged with water.

Macrame Plant Hanger, $17, available at etsy.com


Pink Trio Pots by The Juicy Leaf


Image: thejuicyleaf.com

These Pink Trio Pots by The Juicy Leaf are an easy way to up your plant game. These are great to add a dainty touch to any room or you can separate them and add to your desk, coffee table, and windowsill. Low maintenance pero cute is perfect for first-timers!

Pink Trio Pots, $44.95, available at thejuicyleaf.com


Terracotta Pot Scented Candles by Latinx With Plants


Image: latinxwithplants.com

An easy way to elevate your space is by getting yourself some Terra-cotta Pot Scented Candles from Latinx With Plants. You will love the feeling of relaxation that these candles offer and honestly, they are super cute. These are perfect for candle AND plant lovers but don’t carry the same maintenance level as a real plant.

Terra-cotta Pot Scented Candles, $20, available at latinxwithplants.com


Bonita Triad Wooden Box by The LA Garden


Image: thelagarden.com

If you’re more of a succulent lover then this Bonita Triad Wooden Box is a great buy. You can mix in a few different succulents and elevate your space all year-round. Just the sight of this wooden box will make your place look a little more festive and colorful and who doesn’t appreciate a plant box with a positive message. Each one is built from recycled wood and can be customized with your preferred design or message.

Bonita Triad Wooden Box, $25, available at thelagarden.com


Mini Virgencita Planter by Seelene La Moon


Image: etsy.com

The Virgencita statues are a common staple in gardens. This mini Virgencita Planter is unique and small enough that it can really fit anywhere. As an added bonus, you can buy more than one and fill it with succulents, shrubs, or even herbs. We love the color options and the touch of our cultura with this design.

Mini Virgencita Planter, $10, available at etsy.com

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