10 Latinx Romance Authors to Keep on Your Radar

Ahh, love is the air! Well, at least it is in the books by some of our favorite Latinx romance novelists

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Ahh, love is the air! Well, at least it is in the books by some of our favorite Latinx romance novelists. Whether you’re single or coupled up, there’s nothing like a good sappy, sexy romance novel to help you escape into a world where true love and super-sexy rendezvous truly exist. There are so many Latina authors who are writing fun, empowering and romantic books these days, and we are so into it. These women are talented, forward-thinking and often committed to showcasing all kinds of romantic love, including non-traditional relationships and LGBTQIA+ romances. If you’re a fan of the genre—or even if you’re just starting to dabble in it—check out these 10 Latinx romance authors:wp_*posts

Alexis Daria

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Romance author Alexis Daria jumped onto the scene a few years ago, and stole our hearts immediately. Her “Primas of Power” series offers a fresh take on the romance genre that not only showcases a variety of Latinx cultures and many of the experiences and ideals that shape the Latinx community, but also various sexual orientations. Alexis truly breaks the mold in her work, with stories that put strong, empowered Latinas at the forefront.

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Zoey Castile


Originally from Ecuador author Zoey Castile, who also goes by the pen name, Zoraida Córdova, has written  several romance novels including the “Brooklyn Brujas” series. The “Happy Endings” series includes six books with fun and sexy stories that are perfect for a light summer read. She’s also contributed to a few anthologies including the one-of-a-kind 2021 book, Amor, Actually and Best Women’s Erotica Vol. 6.

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Adriana Herrera

Adriana Herrera is a USA Today bestselling author who is committed to writing intersectional stories that represent Latinx culture and the LGBTQIA+ community. She’s responsible for several romance series with her latest, A Caribbean Heiress in Paris, coming out this spring. Adriana also hosts workshops designed to help other writers tackle topics like domestic violence, the diaspora, and trauma in romance novels.

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Sabrina Sol

Nicknamed “the romance chica,” Sabrina Sol writes sexy love stories featuring Latina heroines who are strong, confident and proud of their sexuality. She’s written four  romance novels and several shorts and novellas. Sabrina’s first women’s fiction novel, Big Chicas Don’t Cry, which is written under her given name, Annette Chavez Macias, will come out in August 2022. Although she says it’s not a romance, she maintains that it is absolutely about love.

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Angelina M. Lopez

Angelina M. Lopez writes romance stories featuring strong Latina leads, but what really sets her apart in the romance genre is that she’s committed to making sure those heroines actually end up with men who are deserving of them. Angelina has written three novels so far and her fourth, After Hours on Milagro Street, is coming out in July 2022, and will be the first in a new three-book series.

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Priscilla Oliveras

Priscilla Oliveras is a prolific romance novelist and USA Today bestselling author, whose career was born out of her love for the romance genre as a reader. She wrote her very first book while she was still in college and though she says that one and several others will never see publication, she’s since acquired a devoted following. Her characters are largely inspired by her Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage and her upcoming novel, West Side Love Story, comes out in May 2022.

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Mia Sosa

Mia Sosa is a proud Afro-Latina romance novelist who has written nine novels, six of which are parts of two different series, and three stand-alone novels. Before embarking on her career as an author, Mia practiced media law, but turned to her passion for a second career, and it has paid off with The Worst Best Man being one of the best romance novels of 2020. Her next book, The Wedding Crasher, comes out in April 2022.

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Diana Muñoz Stewart

Diana Muñoz Stewart is an Amazon #1 bestselling romance author who has penned five books across two series. She actually considers her genre romantic suspense, which makes her writing even more intriguing. She released the first book in her “Bad Legacy” series, Broken Promise about a formerly engaged couple stuck in a cabin with a serial killer on the loose – so yeah, suspense romance that’s not for the faint of heart.

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Natalie Caña

Author Natalie Caña’s tagline is, “love, laughs and Latin flavor,” which is honestly, the exact kind of fiction  we’re all about spotlighting. Natalie’s first novel, A Proposal They Can’t Refuse, comes out in May 2022, and is the first in a trilogy of rom-coms about a Puerto Rican family from Humboldt Park, Chicago, and an abuelo who loves to play matchmaker. One book will be released each year between now and 2024.

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Mary Castillo

Author Mary Castillo writes both mystery novels and romance novels. Mary has featured Latina heroines in her work from the very start of her career as an author. She released her debut novel, Hot Tamara back in 2005, when it was exponentially more difficult to find romance books with Latinx characters. She also wrote In Between Men, about finding your inner sex goddess with the help of some fun-loving tias.

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