Lin-Manuel Miranda Releases New ‘Hamilton’ Song to Ease Coronavirus Stress

Broadway shows have shut down

Lin-Manuel Miranda filming

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Broadway shows have shut down. Sports games have been canceled. Concerts have been postponed. The coronavirus health crisis is changing everything. So, as more and more people are staying indoors to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus, many are wondering how they’re going to pass the time. I mean, there’s only so much binge-watching we can do, right? Lin-Manuel Miranda is doing his best to keep our spirits up. Yesterday, he released a rare track from his show Hamilton, which has never been released before. 

“Wish I could send you peace of mind via this app,” Miranda tweeted. “Alas. But I can send you music no one’s heard. Here’s a cut Hamilton/Washington tune called I Have This Friend. No one’s heard it, not even Kail. Funnier if you picture me and @ChrisisSingin singing it.”

On Soundcloud, Miranda added, “This was my first draft of the song before ‘The Reynolds Pamphlet.’ With Hamilton & Washington. I don’t think I even showed it to Tommy Kail. It would go where ‘Hurricane is now.’ Stay safe out there. Love you.”

Miranda has always been one to bring inspiration and words of wisdom through his Twitter page. He even wrote a book because of it. Two years ago, he released Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You, a book featuring his most inspirational tweets. So, this new song that he released is just another way that he is able to provide some kind of relief during these uncertain times. 

With so many entertainment shows and sporting events closed, many wonder what they can do to keep busy or at least prevent them from feeling anxiety and stress over staying indoors. Miranda’s song is a good reference point for what to do. We may not be as creative as Miranda, but being creative in any respect is a perfect way to distract from the hysteria outside. And if you can’t be creative, pick up a book, play some games, declutter your home, write letters to loved ones. There are so many things we have put off because of our busy schedules, now is an excellent time to pay attention to things that have escaped us. 

Sarah Ruhl, a playwright and author, wrote an op-ed in The New York Times that spoke about the many things we can do during this period. “As we wait out the reopening of our theaters this spring, we might try amateur theatricals at home, living room readings, podcasts of theater and staying home and writing plays in solitude.” 

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