Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘In the Heights’ Movie Pushed Back by Coronavirus

When Lin-Manuel Miranda premiered the In The Heights trailer late last year, we were beyond words


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When Lin-Manuel Miranda premiered the In The Heights trailer late last year, we were beyond words. The trailer was that magical, that incredible, that beautiful that we cried. No joke! Our beloved Broadway show was finally being adapted for film, and we were so proud that Miranda was bringing his vision to the big screen. However, that’s all changed now. The coronavirus crisis has halted everything indefinitely. 

Miranda posted on Twitter that the uncertainty of everything going on leaves him and the rest of the crew with no other choice but to postpone the release of the film, which was scheduled to be released on June 26.

“We had the best summer of our lives filming #InTheHeights last year, Miranda tweeted. “We gathered in Washington Heights and told this story, on location in this neighborhood, with our neighbors in this community. We couldn’t wait to share it with you. But we’re going to have to wait a little longer. With the uncertainty in our world, right now, the release of In The Heights is being postponed. When we can safely gather again, flags in hand, we will be there, enjoying this movie in theaters. We’ll have the premiere uptown. The best summer of our lives, together. Patience & Faith. Paciencia y Fe.”

Jon M. Chu, director of In The Heights, also tweeted his lament over the delay of his movie. 

“FYI we will have a big friggin party when we get to see it on the big screen!” Chu tweeted. “And we will all be together again dancing in the aisles!! Stay healthy and take care of your family in the meantime.”

Since the onset of the coronavirus in the U.S., Miranda, like most of us, has been holding up in his home with his family. He said he’s been trying to figure out how to best homeschool his kids while also trying to work. Earlier this week, Miranda had hinted that In The Heights would most likely be delayed because they were putting the finishing touches on the project when the U.S. was told to stay at home. 

We were literally recording the score when all of this started happening,” Miranda said, according to Cinemablend. “There’s a lot that remains to be done on that movie. We were finishing the score and the mixing and just getting the music exactly right.” He added, “I’m really hopeful that that’s something we all get to watch in the theaters together — when it’s time, and no sooner, to go out.”

Whenever it comes out, we will be first in line. 

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