Lola’s POV: 5 Things You Learn About Yourself When You Vacation

Just recently I came back from my adventure into BVI with a group of my closest friends. Besides forgetting to put on sunblock on a daily basis, and not counting my daily calorie intake, I ventured a bit into my thoughts and profound reflections on life. Of course, I decided to write them down and share them with all you vacay lovers to read, and keep in mind for your next vacation.


Take risks.

When you’re in the comfort of great friends and on relaxation mode, sometimes your body is in need of a rush! Our usual “rushes” are composed of stressors, and handing things in late, and due dates, and having something to focus on 24/7. When you’re relaxed, the body asks for a different type of way to be excited and frankly taking risks like diving, or dancing, or swimming in the deep ocean is a way to stimulate your senses and get the adrenaline running. I tend to do these sorts of things as a way of acknowledging that sometimes life gets boring and you have to do things when you get the opportunity.




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