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What To Know Before Planning Your Next Vacay: Part 1

One common question I am always asked is: “How do you manage to travel all the time and for as long as you do?” First, I want to say, I am not at all rich. I work really hard, until I’ve reached my monetary goal, to make my trip happen. I usually quit the job that I have, and go abroad for three to four months straight. That’s just my preference. This guide is for any length of time.

I will specifically talk about how to plan a trip on a budget, because from personal experience, less is more. While staying at a five-star hotel is comfortable and luxurious, it could never replace the experience of sharing a room at a hostel with complete strangers from all over the world, who may or may not speak your language.

This guide is for the travelers, the seekers, the hopefuls, the ones who need adventure, the ones who think they don’t need it–especially you. The fearful, the ones who work too hard, the curious, the willful victims to seduction.

Here are the first two steps to making your travels become reality.


Before saving money, thinking about traveling and even traveling itself, there has to be the want to travel. You know the strong attraction and inclination to something or someone? Usually that feeling comes naturally, but if the fear is too strong, or anything else is getting in the way, talk to other people who have traveled, watch these travel films, start to live a traveler’s life at home, or do anything else that will help you to get inspired.


Saving Financial HipLatina
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Ah money. Some way or another we need it, especially for travel. I have followed a travel saving formula I created many years ago and it works every time. You can, of course, tailor it whichever way fits for you. Discipline is a huge factor in saving money. The dedication, however, starts with the want to travel.

Note: While I am working and living in New York, I am saving but I don’t stop my life here. I don’t believe in sacrificing the present moment because I have goals for the future or banking on this idea of “preserving” fun for the future. Realistically, we can die tomorrow and all that saving doesn’t matter, well, unless it’s used for your funeral. So I still have fun in NYC—on a budget.

When you get to your destination

Many budget travelers, who have a certain amount of money, split the large sum into the days they will be traveling, to get the total of money they would spend per day. For example, I have $3,000, and I am traveling for 90 days. This means I would have $33 to spend per day. (Which is a bit luxurious for budget traveling) I personally don’t do this, but it is a good way to manage your money.

I want to know; where do you plan to go in 2018?