Lola Montilla

Lola’s POV: Fellas, Stop Staring at Women’s Butts While They Work Out

Ah “exercise,” the lovely activity that reminds you that you have zero body coordination and that you need to change your drugstore mascara to waterproof. I’m Lola and this is my POV on the gym.

I personally love to exercise.  For a long time, I couldn’t.  My body would not allow it, but now it does, and I’m not taking no for an answer.  No, I’m not a bodybuilder or a weightlifter. I’m just a curvy girl who likes to get her sweat on! Yes I said ‘get my sweat on,’ not become  a walking target.  


The gym isn’t always as fun as it sounds when instead of being a chica working out, you are the chica more entertaining than Beyond Scared Straight streaming on the TV monitors. Gawking eyes tend to follow me – and I have a feeling they’re not checking my form for helpful reasons. Flattering? No. Frustrating? Definitely.

Women are not objects, and we are not meant to entertain you when you left your earphones at home. So here is my little gift to the “lunks” at the gym; a little poem for you all, and my very own way of speaking up for the females that have to face the treadmill paparazzi on the daily like I do.

Side Note: Dr. Seuss, I hope this poem would have made you proud.

Don't stare at my butt poem

Do not stare at my ass,

While I’m getting in the car.

Do not stare at my ass,

When I’m near or far.


Do not stare at my ass,

Here or there.

Do not stare at my ass,



Do not stare at my ass,

While I’m at the gym.

Do not stare at my ass,

Like if I were Kim.

Do not stare at my ass,

While you’re with your squad.

And most certainly-

Do not stare at my ass,

While I’m doing a squat.


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