Lola’s POV: Everything I Love About Men, I Learned From My Dad

Today is one of my favorite days out there… Sunday. Just kidding, it’s Father’s Day and I want to make it extra special since I don’t get to celebrate it with him this year.  This year, Father’s Day finds me 3,345 miles apart from my first love as I travel in pursuit of my dreams.  However, this is also the first time I have such a big platform to express my feelings, so I’m taking advantage of it to thank my dad for being THE BEST! (I’m sure all of your Dad’s are okay too.)

Jokes aside, I’m actually immensely grateful for the dad I was blessed with and for him having set the standards so high for any other dude entering my life because if any guy in my life doesn’t aspire to treat me the way my father treats me, I don’t want it. Bye. Ciao. My dad is someone I’ve looked up to my whole life; he’s a successful professional, a leader, and an awesome husband to my mom. He brought me up to be the little spitfire I am today – without losing my humble attitude, and he’s taught me to be independent even though he has always stood right behind me for support. So, to honor him, and all of the amazing fathers and father figures in our lives, today I write this letter as my personal thank you note to all dads out there treating their daughters like princesses, while raising us like the strong girls we want to be.

Dear Papa (or Dalú as I call my dad),

Happy Father’s Day! You made it all the way here and I’m still in one piece (even though I’ve given you your fair share of scary moments)! There is nothing more special than a father/daughter relationship. You’ve made that the most accurate phrase of all time. Thank you for caring for me, for cherishing me, and for making me feel like I am the most special girl out there. Thank you for caring for me when I was ill, but not letting my illness define me. Thank you for setting my standards so high in the world of men, in which you’ve taught me to be respected, and to never settle for anything less than the way you treat mom. You’ve been a supporter of anything I’ve wanted to do or achieve, and you’ve been beside me to dust off my knees when, on the way there, I’ve fallen down. You have always picked me back up and make my day a bit better.

You’ve taught me to save my tears for moments that are worth my tears but you never hesitate to show your feelings and that real men cry, and aren’t ashamed. You have taught me that real men are not afraid to say “I’m sorry,” or roll their sleeves in the kitchen and defy traditional gender roles (which is why you make such a mean risotto). But those are just a few of the things I love about you. You are larger than life, which is why you are such a big part of mine.

Everything I love about guys, I learned from you. You are a role model, and the perfect example of who I’d love to share my future with; a caring husband and partner, and an amazing father to my kids.  Thank you for always trying to give me the moon, even when it came in the shape of snow.

With all my heart (and you know how big that is!),


P.S. You better be crying right now, don’t make me look bad.

And now, a slideshow dedicated to my dalú.

Lola Montilla

An amazing dad … will watch over you since day one.




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