Photo: Instagram/lulus_icecream

From College Entrepreneur to Business Owner: Meet Luisa Santos, Ice Cream Maven

Luisa Santos, a Colombian-American from Miami, has created an ice-cream revolution that will change the way you think about your favorite dessert. The young entrepreneur first came up with the concept of her business — called Lulu’s Ice Cream — when she was a college student at Georgetown University in 2014.

“Our living room walls were lined with boxes of cups and a small liquid nitrogen tank sat by our dining table for most of senior year,” Santos told Forbes. “I remember having two Hoya alums who were potential investors over to see the process and laughing so hard at the fact that we were doing a demo out of the same student housing they lived in over 20 years ago.”

Her website states that in November 2014, Santos  won The Startup Hoya Challenge Rocket Pitch, an elevator pitch competition held as part of Georgetown Entrepreneurship Day and at the Hoya Challenge Entreprelooza Luisa took home first place for a commercial track business, a People’s Choice Award and Student Entrepreneur of the Year.

Less than a year later Santos opened up her first shop in downtown Miami. So how does she create this insane ice cream recipe?

Here’s Santos at work:

The ice cream, all made from local organic ingredients are mixed “for about 30 anticipation-filled seconds at a mind boggling -321 degrees fahrenheit. All of our freshest local ingredients swirl together – and boom!”

Boom is the perfect word describe to her amazing creations. Just take a look:

I love ice cream, but more importantly I am inspired by building and having a positive impact,” Santos told Forbes. “I had an opportunity to merge the two by building an ice cream company that cares – cares about our product, our team, our customers, our environment, and our community. [For example,] I think customers who learn about our financial literacy training for team members appreciate that we invest in our team and become more loyal to us.”

Now we’re jus wishing we lived in Miami just so we could try it!