Marc Anthony and Bad Bunny Are Rebuilding Baseball Fields in Puerto Rico Post-Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico is becoming stronger every day

Photo: Instagram/badbunnypr

Photo: Instagram/badbunnypr

Puerto Rico is becoming stronger every day. With corrupters out of office, and the people standing watch, the island continues to rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. While it’s been two years, we knew the process to rebuild would be a long and arduous process. It’s been worse because those that were previously in power attempted to diminish the strength of Puerto Ricans. But we are seeing the resilience of the people, and how those of privilege are giving back.

Singer Marc Anthony, rapper Bad Bunny, and several other organizations are coming together to reconstruct baseball fields that were destroyed after the hurricane, and also to help enrich the lives of children who love the sport. Marc Antony’s foundation, Maestro Cares, said they will help rebuild six baseball fields in some of those devastated areas in Puerto Rico.

“This is Maestro Cares 2nd project in Puerto Rico,” Marc Antony’s foundation stated in a press release. “Maestro Cares in conjunction with the Good Bunny Foundation, Unicef and LISC will repair and rehabilitate six baseball fields throughout Puerto Rico in the cities of Vega Baja, Loiza, Isla Verde, Yabucoa, and Yauco. These baseball fields were destroyed in 2017 after the landfall of Hurricane Maria. Children in Puerto Rico still lack a safe place to play and be a child. Baseball fields in Puerto Rico are some of the most important cultural hubs of local communities. Reconstructing these six baseball fields is extremely needed to provide safe and healthy environments to children and families in Puerto Rico.”

According to Metro Puerto Rico, The entire project will cost about $1.6 million and the expansion overall will include 25 baseball fields. “Growing up on the island, I spent a lot of time in some of these parks that are now destroyed,” Bad Bunny said in an interview with Metro Puerto Rico. His organization Good Bunny Foundation is based in San Juan and is assisting with this project as well. “In parks similar to these, many great athletes such as Roberto Clemente, Yadier Molina, Roberto Alomar, Edgar Martínez and Iván Rodríguez were developed. Our commitment is to rebuild these parks so that we can help new athletes develop. This is the first step for the revival of sports on the island.”

If those in government cannot help the people they work for, which is there job, it’s amazing to see those with privilege giving back to the people who need it the most.

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