Hurricane Maria

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Trump Refuses to Release Full Aid for Puerto Rico

Virginia Isaad
In the wake of a destructive 6.4-magnitude quake that struck Puerto Rico Tuesday morning, the Trump administration is refusing to release all the available funds to the island citing concerns of “financial mismanagement” and “corruption.” The New York Daily News...
News and Entertainment

Puerto Rican Activists Host a Haunted House Featuring Horrors of Colonialism

Virginia Isaad
Puerto Ricans in Chicago experienced a true horror last night but it had nothing to do with zombies and ghosts but the real history of their island. The Chicago Boricua Resistance (CBR) and the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center joined...
News and Entertainment

FEMA Official Charged with Fraud Over Hurricane Maria Recovery Efforts in Puerto Rico

Araceli Cruz
The corruption in Puerto Rico rages on and the most vulnerable people on the island continue to be affected. Two people responsible for restoring electricity on the island post-Hurricane Maria not only failed to do so but inflated their own...
News and Entertainment

‘Chatgate’ Scandal Sparks Protests Calling for Puerto Rico’s Governor to Resign

Images circulating social media over the past 24 hours in Puerto Rico reveal widespread protests calling for the resignation of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló. The protests come as a result of the release of at least 889 pages from the governor’s...

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