These Memes Are All About Our Love for the Paletero Man

There are very few things in life that bring true happiness quite like seeing the paletero man — for children and adults alike

chasing the paletero man

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The paletero man has become cultural icon that leads to whole families running out of their homes with excitement and joy whenever he shows up.  Not only are these paletas made with fresher ingredients and mucho amor but his presence brings back happy memories from everyone’s childhood.  We wanted share the memes we’ve found that illustrate the significance of the paletero man in our lives.


The Paletero Will Go To Any Heights

Paleteros will literally show up anywhere: in your neighborhood, in the shopping mall parking lot, at the beach, he’s there! He knows where the money is at and most importantly, he knows how a paleta is good any time of the day.


Run Fast When You Hear The Paletero Coming

Paletero Memes 1 2021

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Does chasing the paletero count as cardio? You know you’re probably running faster to catch him than you ever would at the gym. Also, most paletas are made with fruit, so we can considering them as healthy, right?


Next Time Yell Louder

Photo: Instagram/@growingupmexican

Sometimes you sadly just miss the paletero and you have to wait until he comes back the following day to get your fix.


Paleteros Are Adapting to the Times

Finally, paleteros are stepping into the digital world and accepting cards. It would be even better if they accepted Venmo. Next step is for each paletero to have an Instagram account and start reposting customers with delicious paletas.


The Only Time You Look For Chanclas

Paletero Meme 6

Image: Facebook/@mexwotd

Photo: Facebook/MexWOTD

We’re not sitting around our house in chanclas but when the paletero comes to the neighborhood you’re looking for any shoe that’s easy to slip on even if they don’t belong to you.


Make Sure You Have a Backup Flavor

Photo: Snapchat/@blsnapz

This has got to hurt the most. Having your favorite paleta brings happiness and comfort to your life, so when the paletero stops carrying your go-to flavor it requires a mourning period.


No Paletas is Enough Punishment

It’s bad enough that you are grounded and stuck in your room, but when you actually have to watch the paletero make others happy while you’re stuck inside, well that’s just double punishment.

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