10 Latinx-Owned Ice Cream Shops Throughout the U.S. to Get Your Sugar Fix

We are in the thick of summer now, and with the unrelenting heat waves seeming to come back-to-back, and all we can think of is finding the best ways to keep cool

Latinx-owned ice cream shops

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We are in the thick of summer now, and with the unrelenting heat waves seeming to come back-to-back, and all we can think of is finding the best ways to keep cool. Of course, our favorite way to cool off is by indulging in delicious frozen treats like ice cream and paletas, and right about now we can’t get enough of them. As we’re dedicated to supporting Latinx-owned brands we set out to find  Latinx-owned ice cream shops throughout the nation.

We’re sure there are even more tiny mom-and-pop Latinx-owned scoop shops in various states, but here, we’re sharing some that we found in major cities including New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. So whether you’re local or in town visiting, be sure to track them down and get yourself a cold, tasty treat. You can also support by simply following them on social media so you’re prepared with your order for when you do get a chance to visit and besides, who doesn’t love ice cream posts?


Lulu’s Ice Cream

The specialty at Lulu’s Ice Cream in Miami is scratch-made ice cream that is frozen using liquid nitrogen. Cool, right?! It all started because Colombian owner Luisa is passionate about ice cream and launched a pop-shop in Georgetown while she was in college. Now, the bricks-and-mortar shop offers fun flavors like honey lavender and strawberry cheesecake, along with the classics, while focusing on sustainability and utilizing local ingredients.

Visit Lulu’s: 2001 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL


La Newyorkina

Owner Fany, who was born in Mexico, has been obsessed with sweets since she was a toddler, so it makes sense that she ended up making ice cream her life’s work. At La Newyorkina–located in New York, obviously–you can get rich, creamy scoops of ice cream and a variety of paletas featuring flavors like avocado and Oaxacan chocolate. La Newyorkina has one permanent location, and several carts and kiosks around the city, plus they ship pints and offer catering.

Visit La Newyorkina: La Tiendita, 61 Commerce St., Brooklyn, NYwp_*posts

Ice Queen

Is it weird that we would literally take an entire trip to Portland just to nab some Ice Queen paletas? We don’t think so. Owner Rebecca is a Chicana who launched her business as a pop-up, but has grown it to a permanent downtown location. The shop is the world’s only all-vegan popsicle shop, and the flavors look absolutely incredible so we’re sure they’re just as delicious as they looik. From Thai tea with boba to and mojito to cherry apple pie and mangonada, we’d have a hard time picking just one.

Visit Ice Queen: 1223 SE Stark St. Portland, ORwp_*posts

Churrito Loco

You can guess from the name that Mexican-owned Churrito Loco specializes in treats made using churros. That’s already a win but they are doing some really fun and interesting things with them, especially when it comes to the ice cream pairings. From massive churro cones to churro ice cream sandwiches, and of course, churros sundaes, there’s a churro-and-helado treat for everyone. Besides the marriage of two delicious treats we also love the unique churro cone texture that’s definitely a step up.

Visit Churrito Loco: 1703 E Washington st Colton CA & 25030 Alessandro Blvd STE A, Moreno Valley, CAwp_*posts

La Michoacana

We can’t even begin to describe all of the incredible Mexican-inspired treats they are dishing up at La Michoacana Ice Cream in California, but it goes far beyond just ice cream. You can get your scoops and paletas in traditional flavors as well as flavors like michelada and cotton candy , but they also offer snacks like esquites and tamales. They have several locations, which makes it easier to get your fix the Sunshine State.

Visit La Michoacana Ice Cream: 3961 Chicago Ave, Riverside, CA (see website for additional locations)wp_*posts

Mateo’s Ice Cream

Also in Cali is Mateo’s Ice Cream, where you can get scoops and all-fruit paletas from the traditional to the tropical, as well as shakes, fruit bowls and other snacks. Things get really interesting with ice cream varieties like mamey, tequila and horchata and paleta flavors that include guanabana, mango chile and tamarindo. Mateo’s also has multiple locations throughout the state and offers catering.

Visit Mateo’s: 4234 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (see website for additional locations)wp_*posts


NadaMoo! Dairy-Free Ice Cream (get it?!) whose owner is of Mexican descent, fist launched their product in pints, then came the Austin, Texas, scoop shop where you can get yourself a cup or cone loaded with ice cream in flavors like s’mores, cold brew and cookies, peach cobbler and more. The frozen treats are made with coconut milk, so they’re just as rich and dreamy as you would want from real ice cream.

Visit NadaMoo!: 1701 South Lamar Blvd. Austin, TXwp_*posts

Torico Ice Cream

Puerto Rican-owned ice cream parlor Torico’s Ice Cream in Jersey City, New Jersey, proves that just because you’ve been around for over 50 years, it doesn’t mean that you can’t try new things. What was once a small bodega is now a bustling urban scoop shop dishing out all the classics plus ice cream flavors like black sesame, lychee and arroz con leche and never forgetting its island roots.

Visit Torico’s: 20 Erie St., Jersey City, NJwp_*posts

La Guerrerense

At La Guerrerense in Philadelphia, you can get both traditional American ice cream flavors like chocolate chip as well as Mexican-inspired flavors and snacks including chamoyada, elote and dorilocos. Even though the other snacks are tempting, do not skip out on the ice cream and paletas, they are 100-percent homemade and a local favorite.

Visit La Guerrerense: 1143 S. 9th St., Philadelphia, PAwp_*posts

La Flor de Michoacan

Located in Las Vegas, La Flor de Michoacan serves up tons of delicious froze treats including ice cream, paletas and raspados. You can get lime ice cream with chamoy and tajin, elote ice cream, rose petal ice cream and paletas made from yogurt and filled with fresh fruit, as well as those in flavors like rice pudding and guava. It’s a tough choice, but somebody’s gotta make it.

Visit La Flor de Michoacan: 2670 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Ste 107 N. Las Vegas, NV (see website for additional locations)

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