Prosperity Guide for Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Jan. 30

Mercury retrograde is back

mercury retrograde

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Mercury retrograde is back. He makes his way retrograde in the sign of Aquarius Jan. 30th through Feb. 20th. Often times you’ll see Mercury retrograde referenced as a transit that should be feared, often positioned as something we need to survive. If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it’s that we are done with the self-care for survival mode. That’s what this upcoming retrograde transit is about, assisting us with changing our perception and no longer wanting to live life on a survival basis.  This year we are ready to thrive. This is your Mercury retrograde in Aquarius Prosperity Guide. Read on for how you can cultivate prosperity with the Zodiac’s most notorious bad boy, Mercury.

What is a Mercury Retrograde?

The planet Mercury retrogrades on average of three to four times a year. Mercury will retrograde three times in 2021. Why so often? Mercury only takes 88 days to orbit around the Sun. It’s my recommendation to not view Mercury retrogrades from a negative perception. It isn’t something “we have to just deal with.” Rather, each retrograde is an opportunity for introspection. When Mercury goes retrograde, the planet spends a few weeks appearing to be spinning backwards. This is basically an optical illusion to the human eye. However, cosmically speaking, this is a time when the planet is energetically slowing down, hence, creating energetic influence on all of us here on Earth.

What Do I Need to Know?

Mercury is the ruler of communication, medicine, technology and travel; among other things. When he goes retrograde, he is known for affecting the prior mentioned day-to-day tasks. Are the myths true? Yes, Mercury is known for causing travel delays and an increase in accidents or traffic. Therefore, you’ll want to add buffer time in your schedule. He certainly will play around with technology and you’ll notice you’ll have internet issues or suddenly loose important data on anything tech based you’re working on. Sure, he might create miscommunication and moments of arguments. Knowing all of this, allows you to prepare and thrive for not only this Mercury retrograde come Jan. 30th, but for any and all moving forward by surrendering to his flow.

Tips to Thrive During Mercury Retrograde

You don’t want to live in fear in general with the approach to life. Therefore, why be fearful of a transit ruining your life? Changing the perception that Mercury retrograde only brings detriment is the first step to creating prosperity this retrograde.

Back up all your docs

When it comes to important information such as documents and data, you’ll want to back everything up as often as possible. Save important work on cloud servers and hard drives. If you’re looking to execute important paperwork be sure to always have a second eyes look it over or double check the fine print. This is where miscommunication can occur during a Mercury retrograde.

Be flexible with travel

As for travel, don’t overbook yourself or cram your schedule too tight. Allow yourself flexibility for cancelations, delays and unexpected situations. Mercury is an ethereal planet who rules time and space. This is why he influences time, travel and has such a profound influence in your daily routine.
Make time for slowing down and go with the flow. People and situations will naturally slow down. Timelines and execution of projects or deadlines will take longer to progress. Give patience with others. Allow others grace to make mistakes at this time, including yourself. Don’t expect to close a deal as quickly as you might during a non-retrograde week. Again, time and space slow down due to Mercury’s inward energetic reflect. Thus, allowing us to do the same.

Self-care is optimal.

Mercury is a mental planet. He can influence your mind and mental outlook. When retrograde, he can create anxiety or make you feel like you need to move faster due to impending delays at the time. It’s sort of contradictory. Take time out of your daily routine to foster self-care habits that keep you balanced, grounded and present. Meditation or connecting with nature is beneficial during a retrograde.

What Can I Expect Jan. 30th?

Mercury will be in the sign of Aquarius at the time. Come the February Aquarius new moon, there will be a 6 planet stellium in Aquarius. That means Mercury, moon, Jupiter, Saturn, The Sun, and Venus all in Aquarius.
This is a time where the collective will look at enhancing generational wealth and the redistribution of wealth will change particularly speaking in The United States. Uranus in Taurus, over ruling money and finances, will be T-square the upcoming Aquarius stellium. This will be causing friction in terms of old money and outdated structures in finance and stocks to redistribute and make it more accessible for all.

Aquarius is the humanitarian and is invested in helping others. This is a retrograde where we can expect an emphasis in merging technology with the land – our reality. Cryptocurrency, tech-based initiatives and spiritual concepts will be in focus. Mercury is the ethereal and Taurus is the land. Air meets Earth, creating a new renaissance.

This is a retrograde better spent going within and analyzing your philosophy. Reassessing your outlook on life and viewing what needs to be changed for the better. Aquarius is the zodiac sign of Healing, Hope, Wishes and Humanitarianism. You’ll feel deeply connected to others at this time. Rather than spending time in isolation this particular retrograde, you’ll feel inspired to conspire with others. You’ll want to connect with friends and loved ones. Exchanging ideas and sharing your thoughts on your aspirations for yourself and the world will be encouraged this retrograde.

Take time to slow things down.

Be present and practice discernment. The upcoming retrograde can create some confusion and you’ll want to make sure you’re checking in with your intuitive voice before making big decisions.

This is a great time to revisit your financial portfolio.

Assess where your money is going and how you’re planning ahead for your future. Equally, take into consideration building closer bonds with friends and family. Mercury in Aquarius is chatty and enjoys being social while still honoring its individuality.’

Love might be around the corner.

The Jan. 30th retrograde falls closely to Valentine’s Day and there is a possibility of reconciliation in love for many. Mercury retrograde is known for triggering the return of the ex. Be prepared for any unwanted ghosts of the past in love.

Overall, enjoy the process of reflection that will organically happen at this time.

Moments of stillness are equally productive. Mercury in Aquarius retrograde calls you to go within and take a good look at the direction you’re headed rather than where you’ve been. May you manifest wisely.

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