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7 Amazing Mexican Christmas Tree Decorations That Will Show Off Your Latinx Pride

True story: I’m packing for a holiday vacation in Mexico! Just thinking about all the delicious food and Mexican holiday traditions is making me wish I was there now. So, when I saw this hilarious tweet on my Twitter feed, I could not stop laughing, and longing to be in Mexico already. Mexican journalist, Laura Martínez, tweeted this hilarious picture of a Christmas tree decorated with bolillos as ornaments at a grocery store.

How inventive and amazing is this tree? That got me to thinking…how else can we decorate a Christmas tree Mexican style?

Here’s a round up of some the coolest and most beautiful Mexican Christmas trees on social media. Hopefully they’ll inspire your holiday decorations.

Mexican Christmas tree topped with a piñata!

These handwoven yarn ornaments are perfect for the holidays, and if they fall, they can’t break.

Mexican market tree


Canastas and Mexican market bags are my favorite, so putting them on a tree only seems natural.

Lucha Libre holiday tree


Who doesn’t love Lucha Libre masks? They totally represent Mexican culture and these mini masks look so cute on the tree.

Folkorico and mariachi tree

This has to be one of our favorites. The mini folkorico dancers and little mariachi hats have such detail that it really gives the tree real elegance.

Loteria and the saints

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Ever since Moy and I have been married we’ve always had a México themed Christmas tree. Through the years I added tissue flowers, some lotería cards and ornaments we’ve picked up here and there to remind us of the places we’ve been. This year I decided to add some muñecas de trapo that I brought back from our trip to Sayulita. It’s not your typical Christmas tree but it’s ours. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to decorate your tree. Do you, make it yours, that’s what it’s all about. ❤️ . . #feliznavidad #mexicanchristmas #mexicanchristmastree #merrychristmas #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas #christmas #christmastree #christmastree #christmasdecorating #christmasdecor #christmasdecorations #ourchristmastree #micasaestucasa

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We love the reasoning behind this tree. Alicia D’Arcy says: “On our honeymoon we bought some ornaments in Mexico and that pretty much stated it all.” They’ve been decorating their tree in a Mexican theme ever since they got married, and throughout the years they have just added more and more Mexican ornaments.

Cactus tree fun

This tree is simple but unique. It also looks as if they painted the cactus on the ornaments themselves, which is so much better than buying them already made.

Half Frida, half Bowie.

For all the Mexican rockers out there, this tree is for you! How cute are these little mini Frida’s with David Bowie makeup? So lovely!

How will you decorate your tree?