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A Brooklyn Couple Got Married In Mexico And the Wedding Is Everything


As a Mexican-American chica who loves a good love story, I’ve always fantasied about what it would be like to have a Mexican wedding. Even though my wedding came and went, which did not happen in Mexico by the way, I still dream about it. We Latinas, have a special place for our heritage and putting that love on display in the country of our ancestors is just one way we can say thank you for all of their sacrifices. Cynthia Cervantes was able to do just that when she got married in Michoacán, Mexico this summer.

The Brooklynite and her now husband Travis Gumbs have been planning their Mexico wedding for at least half a year and enlisted the help of Luar designer Raul Lopez to create a modern wedding with strong ties to her native country. Now, in my fantasy, when I think of the quintessential Mexican wedding, I sometimes envision a big mariachi-type dress, with my dude on a horse. Well, thankfully Lopez was able to  put together this type of scenario, except super chic and modern, and there’s nothing corny about this.

So how did Lopez think up this magical Mexican creation? As for the dress, he told Vogue: “The dress is a reflection of her: strong and sassy because of the corset, soft and feminine like the ruffles, precious like the Swarovski crystals, and endearing like the pleats.” He also added: “Cynthia is a boss bitch, and she needed a look to reflect that.”

This look definitely says that and them some. And Gumbs mariachi suit is amazing! The Mexican wedding didn’t just end with their outfits, the entire party celebrated Mexican culture. From the papier-mâché, giant-sized, puppets of the couple to the dancers and backdrop.

Cervantes says that while she honored her own culture, she still created so many new traditions. She told Vogue that her wedding was about “exploring the idea of what it means to create your own traditions, while also paying homage to the foundations of culture and family. What does it mean for a woman to marry in today’s climate?”

Here are some more highlights.

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#amoreeterno #cynthiaytravis #wedding ❤️❤️❤️

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Yes, those are temporary tattoos that double as party favors. Brilliant!

They had a mariachi of course.

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@cynthiaxcervantes @travisgumbs you represent love, compassion, and most of all empathy. Take a look at an amazing group of powerful friends you brought together for the best wedding experience ever. Okay, story time; I will never forget that one night some drunk 6 ft gay guy was ready to fight me, but right away @herekittykitty666 and @cynthiaxcervantes was ready to throw down for me. @travisgumbs as a cis gender hetero male who comes from a religious upbringing. I thank you for accepting our entire LGBTQI as your chosen family. Especially, being able to show me kindness as a trans women. I am eternally grateful for your love, compassion, and empathy. CONGRATULATIONS husband and wife #cynthiaytravis I L🖤🖤VE YOU❣️

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Check out their table. It looks like a beautiful altar of love.

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a wedding of epic proportions!! congratulations @cynthiaxcervantes @travisgumbs!!! ❤️🙏🏼 thank you for letting us have the honor of witnessing the power of true love ❤️ a true partnership filled w/ love, respect, trust, loyalty, and everything you could ever dream of. a union of 2 souls that are meant for each other ❤️🙏🏼your wedding felt like a dream – a dream that was truly your vision – a vision that was mixed with traditional and non traditional expressions of your love – a wedding that was true to you ❤️🙏🏼 so many parts of your wedding were so special but your vows really touched me and the speeches from both your parents with the background of the indigenous music from the ceremony were so heartfelt and next level deep. nothing like I’ve ever experienced. ❤️🙏🏼 I lost it when travis started speaking spanish 😭 and when cynthia read her poem – true love is mutual respect, loyalty, trust, and beyond … I admire both of you and your relationship so much bc you are both examples of true love individually and together. may you be blessed with a lifetime of more love and happiness! you both deserve it all and all of the above 🙏🏼❤️ #cynthiaytravis

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Another party favor that you’d keep forever.

And lastly some more stunning looks:

Wish we could have been there!


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