5 Lotería Sets That Put a Modern Twist on an Old Classic

Over the years, Lotería has taken on a life of its own

Photo: Unsplash/@mphotographym

Photo: Unsplash/@mphotographym

Over the years, Lotería has taken on a life of its own. The traditional Mexican game has received many facelifts with different artists and creatives putting their own spin on the classic version. We love how inclusive and creative the reinvented sets are. Each new design shows the beauty of the Latino spirit; we will always find a way to hold onto our traditions while putting our unique, progressive stamp at the same time. Here are five modern Lotería sets you need in your life.

Millennial Lotería


Photo: Amazon.com

When talking about designing millennial lotería, creator Mike Alfaro mentioned the ways antiquated designs didn’t represent a lot of today’s individuals. “But when I started looking at the old cards, I realized how outdated some of the images were. I think Latin women don’t just wanna be La Dama, they would identify more with La Feminist.” Hell yeah!

Millennial Lotería Game, $22, available at amazon.com 

Selena Quintanilla Lotería 

Selena Loteria

Photo: etsy.com

After L.A. based graphic designer Josue Morin couldn’t find the Selena lotería his wife wanted, he decided to create it himself. And we’re so happy he did. You can play with some of La reina’s most elements including el bustier y la flor.

Selena Quintanilla Lotería, $14, available at etsy.com

Dodgers Lotería

Dodgers Lotería

Photo: ebay.com

The same designer behind the Selena lotería has created these gems as well. If you’re a major Dodger fan (or know someone who is) this lotería set is a must.

Dodgers Lotería, $20, available at ebay.com 

Gay Lotería


Chicano artist Félix Frédéric d’Eon infused his identity into the colorful and beautiful images in his gay lotería which when comprised together work “to create an image of queer Mexican-ness.

Gay Lotería, $40, available at etsy.com

Star Wars Lotería

Star Wars Loteria

Photo: ebay.com

The Star Wars lotería set, which was first created in 2010, has a whole new level of significance after Mexican actor Diego Luna starred in the franchises 2016 film. His role and the fact that he held onto his Spanish accent inspired so many, making this Star Wars set even more perfect.

Star Wars Lotería, $16, available at ebay.com 

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