7 New Year Resolutions Every Momma Can Make

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Becoming a mom put things into perspective for me in a way I never expected. Small, petty things that used to throw me for a loop fell by the wayside and huge stuff, like how to raise a good human being, took over my entire life. Going in to 2018 with a baby on the way, I wanted to sit down and think about what I want to do to be a better wife, mom, and ME.

Be more patient


With a threenager, I’m having my limits tested on a near daily basis. But I want to do a better job of reminding myself how new this human really is. Even though it’s hard to even remember my life before my son Luca was born, I want to be more mindful of the fact that he’s barely been on this planet for 3 years and that he’s experiencing so many things for the first time. Emotions, friendships, school; it’s a lot for his little brain to process and to be honest, it’s totally okay if he freaks out every now and then.

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