Muniba Mazari Is a Modern-Day Frida Kahlo Who Will Inspire You to Never Give Up

You may not have heard of Muniba Mazari

Photo: Instagram/muniba.mazari

Photo: Instagram/muniba.mazari

You may not have heard of Muniba Mazari. She is a Pakistani motivational speaker, but that alone doesn’t suffice who she is and what she represents. Someone shared a video with me in which Mazari was giving a speech. Quickly I was astonished at the similarities between she and Frida Kahlo.

Like Kahlo, Mazari is an artist. Her work is rich in color and she often does self-portraits. Her art, while completely different in its style, is very similar in the way she embodies herself in her art. They are both strong and powerful in the way they represent who they are in their art. Another similarity between these two is that they both come from conservative families. They were raised to believe that men, the “provider,” would basically dictate your destiny. And while Kahlo married out of love, she was only 22. Mazari got married because she was forced to, by her family, and she was only 18.

Mazari also suffered a horrific car accident that left her in severe pain and paralyzed. Kahlo’s accident, which she endured when she was a young girl, didn’t paralyze her, but it did in so many ways. Kahlo was in extreme pain because of this accident for the rest of her life. Now do you see why these women have so many commonalities? It’s kind of weird when you put their lives side-by-side.

But one of the most interesting aspects to Mazari is the way her story reminds you that you should never let fear lead your life. Mazari says that after her accident, she gained control of her life and began to make decisions on her own. Even though she was now paralyzed and would need assistance for the rest of her life, she put fear aside and got a divorce. When doctors told her that she’d never be able to give birth, despite the sadness she adopted a son. Everything she said is not only remarkable but so inspiring. In the chaotic times that we’re living in, it’s so beautiful to have a story like hers to give us prospective that we should never give up.

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