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10 Must-Try Haircuts for Long Hair

Even though we have seen many celebs and fashion models sporting short haircuts, we know there are certain styles that are timeless. If you don’t want to say buh-bye to your beloved mane (after all, it takes a village and huge doses of patience to let it grow), this season’s trends are all about giving your hairdos volume and freshness. Try one of these haircuts for long hair to update your look in seconds!


If you have fine, straight hair, having it cut with razors will give it texture and movement.


Boring? Of course not! A same-length haircut is still considered chic and versatile. You can use mousse to create waves or volume if you want to be part of the “movement-trend.”

Lighter ends

Ask your hairstylist to remove weight from the bottom to give volume to your roots.

Details matter

Layers, wispy bangs, defined ends – all of these can take your boho-chic look to the next level.

Enhance your curls

Long hair doesn’t have to be an excuse to forget about your curls. Ask for a layered haircut (long layers are key) to control volume and avoid frizz. And try the curly bang trend! It’s making a comeback this season.

The It-Girl Haircut

Celebs like Sofia Vergara and Alejandra Espinoza are going for the long hair/short bangs look, which is this season’s trendy haircut. Remember, thick bangs and layers are the keys to getting it right!

Play with your color

Sometimes, a simple color technique is all you need to update your long hair. Try mixing highlights and lowlights for movement and dimension. Bonus point? Your face will instantly light up!

Long layers

While growing out, long hair usually loses volume, especially if your hair has a fine texture. For visually more dense hair, ask your hairstylist to give you long layers at the bottom and shorter ones on top.

Natural texture

When your hair isn’t straight or curly, you need a specific haircut to bring back your waves. Try long layers, starting from your bangs, to recreate a natural texture without products.

Big hair, don’t care

Having your hair cut in medium layers will give it extra volume. Go for it if you have naturally thick hair!