30 Words You Can Learn Right Now in Nahuatl

Photo: @nahuatlwords/Instagram

Indigenous culture is an integral part of Latinx culture. There are a lot of things we do, eat, and say that actually have roots or a direct link to the native people of today’s Latin America. Take the Nahuatl language, for example. There are words that we use in both Spanish and English that are derived from the words of the Aztec, and modern-day Nahua people. About 1.7 million people, mostly in the center of Mexico, and about 1,000 in El Salvador, speak this language.

You probably don’t know because unfortunately, we aren’t taught much about our indigenous roots, despite the significant role they play in our Latinx identity. It’s time to finally change that. What better time than now to learn about the several Nahuatl words you may recognize already while learning some more. Hopefully, this inspires you to want to learn more about your particular indigenous Latinx background and its language(s) and culture(s). Many of the indigenous languages of our peoples are in danger of becoming extinct and with it part of our identity.




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