24 Photos of Selena-Inspired Nails That’ll Make You Go Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

If there are two things that Latinxs love it’s Selena and a great set of nails

Photo: Instagram/restingnailface

Photo: Instagram/restingnailface

If there are two things that Latinxs love it’s Selena and a great set of nails. Put the two together, and you’ve got an unstoppable force. We are forever inspired by the Queen of Cumbia and her style, so it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of Selena-themed nails to use as inspiration the next time you want to splurge on a fancy mani.

You will see common themes on these fab nails, like the color purple (Selena’s favorite color), Selena’s signature, rose, photos of the superstar, and lots of sparkles. These nails are a celebration of Selena, Chicanx and Latinx culture, and our unique way of repping it all. Without further ado, here are 24 of the most fabulous Selena-themed nails that might inspire your next manicure.


Selena La Reina

Not all Selena-inspired nails have to be hella long or even square in shape like hers were. These super cute nails by Pamper Nail Gallery are on the shorter side and in a stiletto shape. You have the deep purple sparkle that is part of Selena’s style, white roses (her favorite flower), her signature, and a beautiful crystal and chain design that looks like a crown for a music reina.


Purple, Selena’s Favorite Color

Some of the best Selena-inspired nails feature actual photos of the legend. This dope acrylic set, courtesy of Nails by Dalia, showcases three different Selena pics — along with roses, her signature, and lots of purple.


Purple Ombre

Since purple is Selena’s favorite color, it’s the first choice of polish hue for many people who want to pay homage to the icon with their nails. These particular uñas feature a fun purple glittery ombre on three of the nails, along with a pretty lavender color.


This Is Selena

These nails by Resting Nail Face are so rad! Not only do you have a great freehand portrait of Selena, but you also have two iconic outfits (her purple jumpsuit and red, black, and white bustier ensemble), white roses, her signature, and plenty of Selena purple.


Bidi Bidi Bom Bom


A variety of cool Selena-themed nail decals allow you to add the perfect touch to your Selena nails. Just like the ones on these purple, and white stiletto uñas. You have a portrait of the star, her iconic signature, and the title to one of her biggest hits, “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.”


Neutral Sparkle


You may love to get more neutral nails, with a little touch of bling, but also want to pay homage to Selena. These nails are a perfect touch of the queen! She’s even wearing her sparkling white Grammy dress in the decals, which echoes the style and color of the nails.


Black and Gold

Black and gold is a sleek, retro, neutral color combination – plus it goes with everything. It also makes everything look more luxe. So, you know we had to include these black and gold Selena nails, which feature a microphone, Selena portraits, studs, and what appears to be a couple of nails in a dark, glittery plum/burgundy color.


Red Roses


Roses will forever be tied to Selena Quintanilla Perez. They were her favorite flower and are emblazoned on so many things that pay homage to her. Like these great nails featuring red rose and Selena portrait nail wraps by Monica Herrera’s Culture Addicts.


Burgundy Old English

With over 1,500 likes, these old school-looking nails by Yulie G are so bomb. They feature a burgundy V-shaped French manicure, an Old English S for Selena, a bit of sparkle, and a head-to-toe portrait of the legendary Chicana in one of her iconic outfits.


Anything for Selena


Anything for Selena(s) is one of the most memorable and quoted lines from the movie Selena. It’s another thing you’ll see on all sorts of products, like tees, mugs, pins – and nails! These sparkly nails feature the words, along with glitter, crystals, and a photo of Selena herself.


Short SQ Nails

These short but sweet uñas are a mix of coral red and pink nude hues with Old English letters (S and Q)  and two classic photos of Selena. They did a great job with these fab Selena nails. We’re impressed!wp_*posts

Selena MAC Glam


You know you mean serious beauty business when you color match your nails to your theme. These uñas, in the prettiest shade of purple, exactly match the compact from the MAC Selena makeup collab. Extra Selena fan points for that! Then, you have a healthy dose of sparkle and iridescence to glam it all up.


Airbrush Awesomeness


These nails are throwing it back with their super dope airbrushed details. We like how Selena’s name goes across three nails, and how there are throwback airbrush stars, dreamy cloudy moments, and clear glitter nails still showing underneath.


Red, Black, and White, with a Touch of Mariachi

These red, black, and white Selena nails have such a cool, detailed Mariachi-like touch to them. The 3-D roses, tiny silver balls, and crystals give some texture and detail, but the scrollwork also takes the detail up another notch.


Homage to Selena’s Signature Bustier

A lot of Selena’s nails feature the colors red, black, and white – colors she was known to wear in videos, performances, album covers, and more. But these get a prize for featuring one of her iconic crystal-encrusted bustiers in 3-D. These nails by Linh Odom of Nails by Lo are so Selena-ed out!


Homage to Selena’s Iconic Cow Print Outfit

Another set of nails that give a shoutout to one of Selena’s iconic outfits are these by @amrr_xo. You have the purple, the sparkle, the crystals, and Selena’s signature S in between portraits of the queen. But you also have the legendary cow print from her cow print outfit (a cow print jacket and pair of pants that she wore together, as well as rocking the jacket with a black skirt). Extra points for that Selena reference!


Como La Flor

These Selena-themed nails are in the perfect shade of Old Hollywood meets ’90s red, and are Selenified with beautiful and sculptural white roses and two portraits of the iconic star. Who doesn’t love a good set of red nails?


Fiesta de la Flor Nails


Fiesta de la Flor is a two-day celebration in Corpus Christi, Texas that takes place every April and celebrates the life and legacy of Selena Quintanilla-Perez. These amazing Selena nails were created just for the occasion. You will see the words “Fiesta de la Flor” on the thumbnails, while the other uñas feature red to black ombre, the coolest quilting detail, a painted Selena portrait, painted roses, sparkle, and more.


Homage to Selena’s Boutique


Selena Etc. were the names of Selena’s boutiques (with salons) that the star had in San Antonio, Texas, and Corpus Christi, Texas. This Selena fan paid homage to the stores with this cool nail design featuring the Selena Etc. logo.


Selena Sparkle

These nails are glamorous, acrylic nails are giving us serious 90s vibes. Designed by LAQUE NAIL BAR, this set is inspired by the one and only Selena. There’s so much pretty detail, you don’t know where to look first.


Selena Nails that Look Like Selena Nails

Photo: Pinterest

These square, white acrylic nails look like the nails Selena would wear herself on many occasions. They’re modernized with a simple, single crystal on each nail and two photos of the Tejana superstar. The result is demure, neutral, but with just a little hint of shine and a cool Selena moment.


Red, White, and Glitter

This nail look by Aracely Romero serves up Selena vibes in red and white. You have a Selena portrait framed in crystals, sculptural red roses, red glitter, iridescent crystals, and a listen to “Como La Flor” when you click on the Instagram video. Win, win!


Selena’s Legacy


Like we mentioned before, not all Selena nails have to be over the top and super detailed. These Tex-Mex-Queen-inspired uñas, by Megan of @dazzleglamnails feature nails in either stark white or Selena sparkly purple. An added touch is the two pared-down Selena nail decals – one of her signature and the other a line drawing portrait. The whole look is just too good.


Selena Cartoon

Our final look at fabulous Selena-themed uñas are these sparkly purple ombre nails by Esmeralda Casanova. In addition to the ombre effect, is the cutest Selena cartoon on one of the nails. Something unexpected and unique.

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