10 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs by Latina Nail Artists

Red and pink polishes may come to mind when you think of Valentine's Day nails, but Latina nail artists are here to show you that Valentine's Day nail art doesn't have to be basic

Nail Art Valentine's day

Photos: Instagram/@nailartbysig/@amivnails

Red and pink polishes may come to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day nails, but Latina nail artists are here to show you that Valentine’s Day nail art doesn’t have to be basic. In fact, there are tons of Valentine’s Day nail designs that are so pretty, you’ll want to wear them well past February 14. It’s amazing what these artists can accomplish on such a small canvas so we wanted to share some of our favorite designs. So whether you’re going out on a romantic date or staying in for some Netflix and chill time, Latina nail artists like Ami Vega and Sigourney Nuñez have the perfect look for you. Here are 10 beautiful Valentine’s Day designs by Latina nail artists to help you celebrate Día de San Valentín.


Nail Art Fairy

Image: Instagram/@nailartfairy

This manicure by nail artist Sam, also known as the Nail Art Fairy, proves you can make a statement with a candy heart inspired design and complementary V-Day colors. She used a beautiful, shimmery, pink and purple base and topped off two fingers with hearts that read “kiss” and “ugh.”


Samantha Ramirez

Video: Instagram/@samy.nails

Nail artist Samantha Ramirez gives us romance and lust vibes with these red nails. For a look like this, which is simple yet accented with the gems, it’s perfect for acrylics and it’s subtle enough that it’s not overtly for just Valentine’s Day. We love a classic red polish so this is perfect for a subtle nod to honor the day that’ll still last you a couple of weeks.


 Betina Goldstein

Image: Instagram/@betina_goldstein

More into a minimalist vibe? These short, glossy nails by artist Betina Goldstein are given extra love with red hearts. But instead of painting a heart on just one nail, she brought the shape together on two nails – a simple and incredibly pretty look. The idea is “broken heart” but you can still rock it for the art that it is.


 Sigourney Nuñez

Image: Instagram/@nailartbysig

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve but you wear your heart on your nails with this cute matte heart style. Sigourney Nuñez is known for her amazing nail art and we’ve featured her bold designs in the past but we love this simple yet sophisticated design.


Ami Vega

Image: Instagram/@amivnails

Can’t decide between classic Valentine’s Day symbols? These sets from Ami Vega feature several designs – heart tips, “amore” spelled out in hearts, and white “XO” on a navy blue base just to name a few. We love that each design celebrates V-Day and you can find the design that best suits your style and personality.


Cha Cha Covers x Xclusive Nails

Image: Instagram/@chachacovers

This sacred heart design with Cha Cha Covers decals by Alex Michelle of Xclusive Nails is a beautiful ode to the day of love with a Latin twist. We love the Corazón Sagrado artwork paired with golden heart decals and subtle pink polish.


Latin Witch

Image: Instagram/@latinwitch

This religion-meets-Valentine’s Day manicure will take some time, patience, and a steady hand. “Today you are with your crown of thorns and your sacred heart,” she writes in the caption. If you’re trying this look at home, we suggest investing in a nail kit, it’ll be super helpful.


Regina Rodriguez

Image: Instagram/@nailsbyregina

This manicure is a fun throwback to one of the late 90s popular cartoons: The Powerpuff Girls. The talented Virginia-based nail artist Regina Rodriguez beautiful crafts this multi-colored heart design. Even if you’re not familiar with the show you can still rock this bold and fun design.


Yaya Nails

Image: Instagram/@yayanailz

Yaya created this yin yang design with red and peach colors that holds a deeper meaning than you might think. When it comes to love, yin and yang represent the balance of yearning for desire and initiating intimacy. This is definitely a romantic design that’s all about giving and accepting love.


Nails By Carolina

Video: Instagram/@nails_by_carolinnnaaa

If you really want to be on theme this V-Day, you can’t go wrong with this festive option, courtesy of Carolina. From the glittered background to the colorful conversation hearts design we love this fun design that’s perfect if you want to go all out for Valentine’s Day.

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