Natalia LaFourcade’s Performance at BottleRock Was Important To The Latinx Community

Many of us saw Natalia LaFourcade and Miguel perform the Oscar-winning song “Remember Me” at the 2018 Grammy Awards and were left in awe

Photo: Unsplash/@desimendoza

Photo: Unsplash/@desimendoza

Many of us saw Natalia LaFourcade and Miguel perform the Oscar-winning song “Remember Me” at the 2018 Grammy Awards and were left in awe. Her performance was so beautifully authentic, that you felt through the lyrics a strong sense of honor in celebrating Mexican culture and Dia de los Muertos.

It was very exciting to attend BottleRock in Napa Valley this past weekend. It’s a festival that draws over 120,000 music fans but what’s even more important and impressive, is that they are taking notice and understanding the power of LATINAS. The talented and Grammy award-winning Natalia LaFourcade, was one of two Latina artists included in the 2018 BottleRock lineup.

At showtime, her audience was filled with thousands of local admirers and many who traveled only to see her performance.  The crowd overflowed (with tons of folks from various generations) as she walked on and greeted her fans kindly and with this deep appreciation of cultural pride.

There’s a reason why the 34-year-old Mexican singer and songwriter is already considered a Latin music legend. She is hands down one of the most successful singers in Latin America today. LaFourcade’s voice is etherial, soft, and gentle. The rich sounds of her mixed genre music pays homage to her home country and that’s especially the case with her latest album, Musas.

The fans showed so much love to LaFourcade that between each song she professed her gratitude by thanking everyone for their support, including fellow Mexicanos.

She created an abundance of energy, which had everyone dancing to all her songs with excitement and filled with passion. At one point during her performance, we could all feel the base booming through our bodies. And then, she had us tearing up with some of her songs from her previous album like “Amor, Amor, de Mis Amores” and “Hasta la Raíz.” She looked lovely too, sporting a braided head crown and ribbons in her hair that gave off a very Frida Kahlo-ish vibe.

There’s so much to appreciate about Natalia LaFourcade but after watching her perform live my love for her has only grown. It literally felt like she was playing for all of her best friends. That’s how warm and intimate that performance was.

What’s next for BottleRock? Hopefully more Latina music artists!

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We hope that BottleRock continues to support the diversity of the audience and growing festival by delivering top artist that reflect and empower the community.

Hey Diego, hope to see you next year!

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