22 Natural Ingredients Latinxs Love That Are Good For You

Photo: Pexels

We love Latinx food because it’s part of our culture, feels and tastes like home, and is simply delicious. We often forget that it is made up of so many healthy ingredients! There’s a reason why those traditional recipes have survived time, passed down generation after generation. It’s partly because they describe meals that provide sustenance and good health for our families.

Since we love to deconstruct things about our culture that we are so used to that we often don’t take the time to analyze, we wanted to take a look at 22 ingredients us Latinxs love that have several health benefits. Now you’ll know that by eating foods with these ingredients, you are not only eating some yummy meals, but also doing wonderful things for your salud! As with all helpful information, read it, learn it, and pass it on!




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