6 Remedios Caseros to Beat the Summer Cold

Abuela always knows best

Photo: Unsplash/@louishansel

Photo: Unsplash/@louishansel

Abuela always knows best. They carry the wisdom of generations of Latina mothers who searched for just the right cure to make their families as healthy as possible. Today we are so lucky to have these remedios caseros to help us get better quicker. I know when I get sick I go straight to mamí, asking her for what the best remedies are. Below are the six remedios caseros that my abuela and mamí always counted on!

Te de Manzanilla (Chamomile Tea)

Every time I was sick my abuela started brewing chamomile tea and would not stop making it until every symptom of illness had left my body. It was the cure all for any sickness, but especially for when my stomach hurt or I had a cold coming on. Other teas I enjoy when I have a head cold are mint tea and ginger tea (especially if my throat is sore). I try to have a cup of tea most mornings in the week, it helps to keep me bright and healthy!


Honey and Lemon

When you have a cough that just won’t stop try mixing some lemon and honey for your own cough syrup. Tastes way better than any over-the-counter cough syrup and this recipe will let you make enough to keep for future needs.



Yes, I am serious. This Latino abuela cure-all is a staple for a reason. Take a hot shower, rub Vicks on your chest and throat, wrap a towel around you and breath in the vapor. Vick’s also sells vapor sticks that are great to carry in your purse and use while traveling.


Oregano Oil

A potent old school cure, oregano oil is nature’s antibiotic. You can find oregano oil in most health food or natural grocery stores and while expensive, it’s potency makes it worth the investment. Plus, a little goes a long way. As soon as you start to feel a cold coming on take three to four drops, drop in about 4-6 ounces of water, two to three times a day until you are feeling better.



Nothing like a steaming bowl of nutritious sancocho to chase the summer cold away! Every Latino family has their own special recipe and they will all sooth your soul when you are not feeling your best. Serve super hot and add a twist of lime for that extra vitamin C!


Wash Your Hands


The oldest trick in the book is always what you were told as a kid, “wash your hands!” This will help to prevent you from getting another cold as well as passing along your own cold to others. Carrying a hand sanitizer in your bag can help with this too. It’s the best way to stop the cycle of sickness in the summer!

Some experts say that taking zinc and vitamin C can help with the cold, but it’s still unclear as to what the dosage is and how much impact it will have. It’s up to you whether you think this is a good remedy for your cold. However you choose to treat your summer cold just know that you don’t need to stop having fun! Abuela’s old school tricks will help you get well soon. Make sure to get plenty of rest, wash your hands, stay hydrated and you should have no issue with getting through a few days of having a stuffy nose and sneezing. Then you can get back to your normally scheduled summer activities.

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