6 Remedios Caseros to Beat the Summer Cold

Abuela always knows best. They carry the wisdom of generations of Latina mothers who searched for just the right cure to make their families as healthy as possible. Today we are so lucky to have these remedios caseros to help us get better quicker. I know when I get sick I go straight to mamí, asking her for what the best remedies are. Below are the six remedios caseros that my abuela and mamí always counted on!

Te de Manzanilla (Chamomile Tea)

tea remedy for cold

Every time I was sick my abuela started brewing chamomile tea and would not stop making it until every symptom of illness had left my body. It was the cure all for any sickness, but especially for when my stomach hurt or I had a cold coming on. Other teas I enjoy when I have a head cold are mint tea and ginger tea (especially if my throat is sore). I try to have a cup of tea most mornings in the week, it helps to keep me bright and healthy!




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