7 Fast-Acting Sunburn Remedies

Oh, sunburns. Whether you’ve forgotten to reapply SPF or didn’t use a strong enough formula, we’ve all experienced this painful effect from the sun at least once or several times in our lives. Here are a few natural sunburn remedies to help quickly soothe the pain of minor sunburns, so you can get back to your summer activities in no time. But, with plenty of SPF of course.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar for sunburn relief

Okay, now I know just the thought of applying acidic vinegar anywhere near your burned skin sounds horrifying, but it is actually very soothing. Simply weaken the acidity of the apple cider vinegar a bit by mixing with water into a spray bottle, and spritz onto the skin for instant relief. The natural astringent helps to balance your skin’s pH level and helps reverse skin damage.




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