Netflix Drops the Trailer of ‘Luis Miguel’ Season Two

Last year, one of our favorite binge-worthy programs was Netflix’s, Luis Miguel

Photo: Unsplash/@freestocks

Photo: Unsplash/@freestocks

Last year, one of our favorite binge-worthy programs was Netflix’s, Luis Miguel. The series had drama, sex, a fantastic cast, stellar production, the best music, of course, and one killer storyline — literally. When the series ended with a cliff-hanger, we never once considered there would be a season two because well, the answer to the question of the season would have to be answered, right? Warning, spoiler alerts ahead.

Netflix just dropped the trailer for Luis Miguel season two, and we’re a bit floored by the news. Firstly, we didn’t consider there would be a season two because, at the end of season one, Luis Miguel finally knows what happened in the disappearance of his mother. We know for a fact that Luis Miguel is a private person, so the series alone was already an insightful and entertaining look at his childhood, family, and launch of his career. But now we have season two?! Where do we go from here?

The trailer for season two shows actor Diego Boneta as Luis Miguel once again (thank god), and he’s in the studio recording a song. The season will obviously explore the next phase of his career but as Hola! reports, the “new season will focus on the difficulties the artist experienced trying to juggle with work and family life.” Not just that, but we must know more about what happened to his mother. As you may recall in season one, Luis Miguel’s father died but never disclosed what he knew about the disappearance of his mother. Rumors have long suggested that his father paid someone to kill her. The show definitely alludes to that rumor as well, but audiences were left seeing Luis Miguel being handed an envelope that revealed delicate information. Will season two address the truth about his mother? We sure hope so.

Boneta also included the trailer on his Instagram and added the caption in Spanish, “As much as the Sun shines, it cannot escape its own shadows …” Okay, we’re sensing some crazy new storylines. Aside from his family’s ordeal, will this new season also involve more of Luis Miguel’s up and down love life? It better. One person who deserves to be on the show is Mariah Carey — and by that, we mean someone needs to play her. The two superstars dated for a period of time, and perhaps it’s too soon to cover in season two, but definitely in season three.

Netflix has yet to announce a premiere date, but we’ll be watching for sure. Here’s the trailer below.

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