New Mural for Hispanic Heritage Month Captures Traditional And Modern Latina

Between Sept

Photo: Unsplash/@quinoal

Photo: Unsplash/@quinoal

Between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, people nationwide will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. However you choose to observe this festive time, whether through parades, poetry readings, or musical events, the options are endless. The important thing about Hispanic Heritage Month is that you can appreciate Latino culture and learn from it as well. While there’s going to be endless events, there’s one in particular that is really beautiful.

If you happen to be in Buffalo, New York, there’s a new mural that is the epitome of Latino art. Betsy Casañas, an artist, activist and educator from Philadelphia, created a true vision of life that represents so many wonderful aspects of our culture. The mural is titled “Patria Sera Por Que Quisiera Que Vueles, Que Sigue Siendo Tuyo Mi Vuelo,” which translates to “Perhaps Because I Wish to See You Fly, That My Flight Continues To Be Yours.”

The creation of this process is really something to behold. Casañas has the evolution of the mural on her Instagram. Here’s a bit of that.

“This mural illustrates the exciting, positive impact public art can have in our neighborhoods,” Dr. Janne Sirén, director of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery said in a statement, according toWGRZ-TV. “Works of public art like this one have tremendous power in bringing together partners and collaborators to directly benefit, beautify, and strengthen our communities. They shine a spotlight on our County as a creative, vibrant place that is on the rise. The Albright-Knox is proud to facilitate this kind of transformative work in Western New York neighborhoods.”

“Highlighting the positive aspects of Latino culture and heritage has always been part of our mission,” said Casimiro D. Rodriguez, Sr., President of the Hispanic Heritage Council, according to Buffalo Rising. “This mural not only honors our history but will serve as an inspiration for our future. As an artist of Puerto Rican descent, Betsy brings tremendous insight and passion to the project.”


Here’s the finished product.

The mural can be see on 585 Niagara Street, Buffalo, New York.

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