Hispanic Heritage Month


12 Latin American Civil Rights Leaders and Landmark Moments

Besides the coverage we get during Latinx Heritage Month, these moments in our history are more often than not not covered in U.S. History classes in schools even though Latin-Americans have been a part of the United States for about...

The 3 Dope Artists Behind Instagram’s #LatinxHeritageMonth

Johanna Ferreira
Hispanic Heritage month, or what many of us prefer to refer to as Latinx Heritage Month, kicked off on Tuesday, September 15, and runs until October 15. It’s not only a time to recognize and celebrate the culture, contributions, influence,...

9 Badass Female Liberators of Latin America

Bill O’Connor
If you’re taking a trip to the 19th century and thinking about Latin American independence movements, there might be a particular stereotypical image that comes to mind. Valiant soldiers on horses, politicians in stuffy 19th century attire, and those hairstyles...

New Mural for Hispanic Heritage Month Captures Traditional And Modern Latina

Araceli Cruz
Between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, people nationwide will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. However you choose to observe this festive time, whether through parades, poetry readings, or musical events, the options are endless. The important thing about Hispanic Heritage Month...