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Find the Perfect Shade of Lipstick With This Weird Beauty Hack

If you want to narrow down your lipstick collection, there’s a new beauty hack that will get you the perfect lip color just for you.

In a recent episode of The Doctors, a panel of experts concluded that in order to match the right lipstick to fit your skin tone is to match it to the color of your nipple. Mind-blowing concept, right?


According to Dr. Travis Stork this beauty hack makes perfect sense because, as he proclaims “nature knows best.” But there’s definitely something to this. (Why the panel consisted of two men and one woman is beyond me, but it didn’t help the awkwardness of this segment.)


One of the reasons this beauty hack rings true is because “a person’s genitals are usually darker than the rest of their body.”

All of this means that whatever color your nipple is, that shade for your lips will fit quite perfect with your skin tone.

However, as HelloGiggles points out, whatever shade you choose today won’t necessarily be the same next week.

“According to dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Bordone at New York’s Columbia University Medical Center, nipples can change color over time because of shifts in hormones due to aging and chronic illnesses, such as diabetes. Friction from uncomfortable clothing that rubs, and vigorous scrubbing with nylon loofahs, can also cause nipples to darken.”

Editors over at Marie Claire tried this beauty hack and the results were really good.

This nipple color theory isn’t new actually. XoJane discussed this very thing back in 2015!

We checked on Instagram to see if other people had tried out this beauty hack. Here’s a couple of them:



So what do you think? Are sold on this idea or nah?


Try it out and let us know what you think because we’re thinking this may solve all of our problems. Well, beauty related ones.