October’s Full Moon Mantra: If It Ain’t Growing, It’s Dying!

Like many women, there has been an affinity to the moon and its phases almost like an innate understanding to its gravitational pull

Photo: Unsplash/@silverformymonsters

Photo: Unsplash/@silverformymonsters

Like many women, there has been an affinity to the moon and its phases almost like an innate understanding to its gravitational pull. So, if you’re anything like mind, body and soul wellness creator Melanie Santos, then you’ve decided to crank it up a notch and start paying to what she calls “spiritual attention.” Because, as we all know, the moon’s energy heals.

“I started researching healing practices on my journey towards breaking out of constant anxiety and depression. I was still healing traditionally through weekly therapy sessions with a psychologist, but I also wanted to fill my spirit, which at the time felt almost entirely depleted,” says Santos.

She now works with the energy of the full and new moon monthly for healing and connecting with Source.

“I believe that everything we see and feel – including all of the planets – was created by one omnipotent, loving force; God, Spirit, Source, Universe, etc. So when I work with the moon, I am really just working with God since It is the creator of all energy,” she says.

As we’ve mentioned before, you can create your own custom full moon rituals. You just have to pay close attention to what resonates with you and your intuition will lead you to water. But, Santos, says that this ritual below has helped her break out of darkness and uncover her light.

For the Full Moon on October 24th, you will need:

  • Decluttered space just for you
  • Sheet of paper and pen
  • Safe place to burn your list

“During the full moon, I release unwanted, unnecessary energy by writing a list of the things I intend to let go of and burn it,” she says. Santos explains that rituals not only help her communicate her intentions to the Universe but also hold her accountable for her personal goals. 

This is especially important considering October’s full moon is in Taurus on the 24th which will highlight balance and stability in your personal finances, ladies. Do not be afraid to take a closer look at yourself and your pocket under a critical light.

Santos says Venus (ruler of the heart) is in retrograde, so this full moon is going to be important for releasing relationships that no longer serve us. So take inventory but don’t fret. Look at how the trees let go of their leaves every fall. They are reminding us how beautiful it can be to let things go.

“Every relationship is an assignment brought to us at a certain period in our lives for maximum soul growth,” she stresses. “So although full moons can be emotional and sometimes tumultuous, stay grounded and honor the lessons you were intended to learn as relationships fade.”

As Santos says, this month’s full moon mantra: If it ain’t growing, it’s dying!

Whatever is happening in your life, know this about this month’s full moon and everyone thereafter: it will bring whatever needs attention to the surface. Let it. And, turn up the self-care during this time as well, she adds, because all that “energy shifting can affect humans physically.”

Her most personal and shifting experience with the moon’s energy happened shortly after she turned 27-years-old – her Saturn Return. She joined a group of women for a full moon meditation where they all wrote out words of intention on prayer candles. Santos chose the word “peace” as she was in the midst of a mentally exhausting three-year relationship while trying to navigate chronic anxiety and depression.She broke up with her then boyfriend, spent six-weeks doing intense self-work, forgiving herself, trying different spiritual practices, and connecting the dots in her then broken life.

“The healing and forgiveness inspired that ex-boyfriend to do self-work of his own, which inspired me to try again with him as new versions of ourselves,” Santos shares.” We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in August and are ringing in our little girl’s first birthday in a few weeks. The Universe, the full moon, works in mysterious, beautiful ways.”  

Santos has shared a step-by-step video tutorial explaining her full moon ritual and how to work with it and sends out lunation emails every full and new moon. You can check more out here.

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