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Olivia Cabrera Is Breaking The Stigma Associated With “Bruja” Spirituality

Twenty-three-year-old Olivia Jae Cabrera may be young, but she has managed to become more connected to the world (and beyond) than most people twice her age. The professional astrologer and tarot reader has been using her intuitive gifts to help spread the universal message of love.

“As a child I was very imaginative and intuitive,” the South Florida native, who is Spanish, Italian, Cuban, and Irish, shares. “I was absolutely an introvert, and this helped me develop adult-level observer skills from a very young age. I never wanted to be in reality. I always wanted to travel other places within my mind. This is where my gift developed—within the realm of my very powerful imagination.”


Cabrera found as she got older, this imagination gave way to reality. “I realized it wasn’t just imagination, but it was real vibrations, real patterns, real feelings, and nothing about any of it was fake or just imaginary,” she says. This new revelation, however, wasn’t something that was immediately accepted by her family.

“As a Latina, my family thought tarot and astrology was brujeria. My abuela specifically felt I shouldn’t practice,” she admits. “But as I got more into it, and they saw the love I had for it, and the way it was changing and touching people, they realized I was using it for love, and there wasn’t anything to be afraid of anymore. I wasn’t raised very religious. My family is Christian, but raised me with morals based in love. So I never felt as though I was rebelling. I felt I was being risky. But they saw this as my individual streak really just coming out and into its own.”

OJC Astrology (the name is made up of Olivia’s initials) is Olivia’s way to take her intuitive messages and help others. “I started writing horoscopes on my old blog “oyeezy vibes” back in 2016, and then I started using YouTube late 2017,” Cabrera shares. “I offer all astrological chart readings, natal, solar return, synastry, progressed chart, etc. I also provide tarot readings but do focus more on astrological readings.” OJC Astrology currently has 27,000 subscribers on YouTube, who flock to hear Olivia’s beautifully elaborate readings, full of emotion, inspiration, and hope.

Photo: OJC Astrology/Olivia Cabrera

So how does Olivia get her messages from spirit? “I receive messages through joy,” she explains. “When I listen to music is when I receive the most messages. I actually have a very vivid photographic memory—I actually see pictures in my head.” These messages range from mental images to physical manifestations. “When someone is feeling very sad, I may see a sad face in my mind. Spirit sends me images, and then my body gets goosebumps or chills, and I may even ache, cry—this confirms what I’m seeing,” she adds. “But I know spirit is sending me messages most clearly when I smile and feel warm. I can close my eyes and see so clearly what the message is.”

Although this is an extraordinary gift, Cabrera divulges that we can all tap into our own intuition. “This can be developed where a person can tap into energy and spirit,” she says. “My best advice would be to keep things light. Smile when you try and tune in. Don’t focus too hard. Work on self confidence before you work on your gifts because you can’t tap into that area if you don’t truly feel good about yourself.”

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Post #SagittariusFullMoon message from me to all of you.. 💖💘💕 I move into my own apartment tomorrow and none of this would have been possible without all of your love and support.. I have spent majority of my life doubting myself. Depressed. Trapped in insecurity. Poverty. Shame. Guilt. You name it. I felt it. I swallowed it. I lived with it silently. I pushed through. And never in my life could I have ever imagined so many people would find me. Me?! Lonely me?! I can’t believe it. In this entire universe, I have found all of you, and you have found me. I have no words for my gratitude. This past full moon was in my 12th house and went over my Jupiter.. I am spiritually blown away. And absolutely convinced- that the divine dances in circles around all of those who seek her.. and just when we get dizzy enough.. just wow. So much magic happens. I am so deeply touched that it almost hurts. Lol. I have been crying all night! Lmao! Not sad tears but happy tears. Because I am so loved and it feels so good. I can’t wait to be in my own space now and really be able to focus.. I owe all of you my greatest work. All of my knowledge. All of what I’ve got.. This gift was given to me, and that’s why I believe I should give it back. As much as I can. As often as I can. And that’s what I intend to do for the rest of my life. All of you have filled me with so much purpose, joy, structure, and happiness I could’ve never discovered on my own. And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that we are never alone. Not even for 1 second. We are one. And we will always be. Truly, I thank you. #OJCAstrology #GeminiSeason #June

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So you know we had to ask what the big messages for 2018 are. “The biggest message I have for 2018 is that the collective is learning how to empower each other now more than ever in history,” Olivia shares. “With Uranus going into Taurus, I believe beauty is going to be more widely accepted in all forms. Less women will feel ashamed of their bodies over the next seven years. So this is a time to truly bring yourself out of hiding. Wear what you want to wear. Show the world who you really are. Be yourself unapologetically,” she recommends. “Set the standards higher for who you allow to get in your head. Be your own voice now. Because authenticity and raw nature are going to become the most valuable trait in a person over the next few years. We are learning to love what we can do, how we can make others feel, instead of just how we look and how we appear in the world. But what are we actually doing for the world?”

It seems like the future is equally bright for Olivia Cabrera and her work. She divulges that more healing work is in the cards (yes, pun intended). “I will still be doing personal readings but I’d like to focus more on connecting with the entire zodiac en masse, because deep in my heart this is the work I am best at,” she explains. “I am at my best and most intune when I can perform for a large audience (I spent my entire life performing as a child singer in a local community group, and my dream has always been to be an artist/performer). Also I will be posting more writing and astrology based videos. Tarot will still be a part of everything I do, but I plan on ending 2018 with a creative and cosmic bang.” And we’re here for it.

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