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On-the-Go Beauty Essentials We Swear By

Life can sometimes seem like it’s pulling us in a million different directions and for those days where we really do have to be everywhere at once, you know your purse is your lifeline. If you’re like me, you’ve got snacks, your phone charger, and of course, the beauty essentials that will bring you back to life when you’ve been running around all day in your overstuffed bag. We asked the HipLatina team to dish on some of their beauty must-haves to keep when they’re on-the-go. What would you add?

solar goo beauty
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“I moved to California a couple of years ago and since then I’ve been a lot more diligent about wearing sunscreen all the time. The hard part has been finding a sunscreen that isn’t full of chemicals and doesn’t have that sunblock smell – you know, the ‘I just spent all day laying at the beach’ smell. That’s why I love Green Goo’s 100 percent all-natural Solar Goo – yes, that’s the name but there’s nothing gooey about this product. It goes on smooth, smells great, and doesn’t leave a white sheen that many sunblocks can do for women of color (just make sure you rub it in well). Plus their travel tin is light and portable, which is perfect since I can reapply throughout my day.” – Jessica M.

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Marc Jacobs beauty
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“[When I’m moving about, I need] lip gloss that is also moisturizing. My go-to is Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi Shine Lip Lacquer in Love Buzz. It’s super glossy and moisturizes like a lip balm. It’s my favorite! Normally I wouldn’t spend that much money on lip gloss but the pigment is beautiful and looks great on every skin tone which is essential in the summer when my color varies. It comes in handy when I want to look polished and when my lips are chapped. Either way I end up looking cute!” – Yvette M.

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Baby wipes beauty
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“I think an essential and inexpensive beauty tip is to always carry those face wipes with you. I try to get them as natural and non-toxic as possible, and the trick too is that you can get baby wipes and it basically has the same function, plus you get way more wipes for less money. These wipes also come in handy for any spills, wiping your hands, etc. and it’s a great way to refresh your face if you have to go out after a long day at work.” Alex S.

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Benetint beauty
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Neutrogena beauty
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“On-the-go [I use] Benetint cheek and lip stain, simple makeup remover wipes, and Neutrogena Hydro Boost lip gloss. It’s an easy all over liquid color in coral that works for my cheeks and lips. Plus the Neutrogena glosses feel so good and they are super moisturizing and shiny.” – Mariela R.

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Revlon beauty
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Definitely [Revlon] lipstick! When you aren’t wearing any makeup, lipstick can make all the difference in the world! If you are out and about and you get wet or go swimming, you can always rely on lipstick to look gorgeous. – Maria V.
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