5 Accessories That You Can Easily Wear From Summer Into Fall

I’m sorry to make you depressed with talk of fall already, but honestly it will be here before we know it. (Insert the balling eyes out emoji). But just because we’re shifting gears from hot to cool, doesn’t mean we have to start packing up all our summer gear already.

There are definitely some summer accessories we can keep rocking even as we switch out of our flip flops and into our booties. Here are five accessories that transition perfectly from summer to fall.

An oversized bag

Carmen Sol bag

Carmen Sol

Why can’t your beach bag double as your work bag too? Instead of opting for a more serious fall purse, keep things bright and fun to help with the depression that inevitably comes when you get out of work and it’s still dark outside. Carmen Sol’s jelly bags are made in Italy and non-toxic. They come in an array of colors and sizes to mix and match with your wardrobe. The large tote easily fits a laptop along with any other items you’ll need to carry around. Carmen Sol Angelica Jelly Large Tote with Charm, Carmen Sol, $165.00.

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