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One Day at a Time Fans Rejoice After The Show’s Writers Tease New Season

One Day at a Time is back in session! After months of back-and-forth over whether a new season of One Day at a Time would see the light of day, writers of the beloved show are back to work. Writer Mike Royce tweeted a picture from the One Day at a Time writer’s office, writing, “We start Wednesday. It’s honestly still hard for me to believe that we get to do this again ❤️ #MoreODAAT.”

You can say that again. After Netflix wrongfully canceled the show, the uproar on social media was palpable.

Months later, Pop TV president Brad Schwartz decided to give the show new life.

“When I found that One Day at a Time was being canceled, I’m like, ‘Wow, that show has a lot of the same emotional beats,‘” Schwartz said to Variety. “It’s about family, and it tells stories of inclusion and acceptance and love and kindness.”

Fans of the show, as well as the actors themselves, tweeted their excitement to learn that the writers were back to work with one of our favorite Latinx shows on TV right now.

Actress Isabella Gomez, who plays Elena, tweeted, “Excuse me while I sob :,,,,,).”

Other fans chimed in as well. One fan tweeted, “I am beyond thrilled that y’all are coming back!! I was so heartbroken when I found out you wouldn’t be back but now you will, and I cannot wait!!! thank you thank you thank you for telling our stories!!”

Some fans didn’t even realize that the show had been picked up by another network until the tweet.

However, it looks like since the writers have barely gotten back into the groove of things then that means the show probably won’t air until next year. The show’s new home, PopTV, also calls for shorter episodes. Nevertheless, we’re happy it’s been given another chance.

With the apparent lack of diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry, we need One Day at a Time more than ever.