These New Emojis Could Change How We Talk About Periods

When texting and feeling down, the most typical emoji to express this sentiment is a sad face

Photo: Unsplash/@josefin

Photo: Unsplash/@josefin

When texting and feeling down, the most typical emoji to express this sentiment is a sad face. However, if you’re feeling down because you’re on your period, how could you put that into words without getting a #TMI response? A sad face emoji truly does not suffice when it comes to cramps, bloating, and simply feeling low. A new campaign by a women’s organization could change that.

Plan International, an organization founded in 1971 which fights for children’s and women’s rights, launched a campaign on Sunday that helps combat the shame of menstrual cycles with a clever period emojis — and you can vote for them.

“To challenge the stigma associated with menstruation that affects girls and women around the globe, we’re inviting you to vote on a design for a period emoji. The winning design will be presented to Unicode Consortium (the body that manages all emojis), asking them to add it to keyboards worldwide. To cast your vote, hover over the ‘Like’ option and click the reaction that corresponds with the emoji you want to win! Voting closes June 2nd, 2017. “

Which means you have two days to vote!

This campaign might seem trivial in the large scheme of things, but Plan International does amazing work for women and children around the world. They don’t just help and protect women and children, they also empower them to succeed.

Here’s a brief clip of just one of the many reasons that spreading the word about Plan International is important:

Texting about your period might seem like silly to some, but it’s something that women experience everyday so why should we refrain from being honest? We share so much randomness already, why not stop hiding  about the real everyday stuff?

We’d love if this period emoji actually took off and became part of our normal texting routine. Who knows, this campaign can really change the way people talk about periods for good.

Click here for more information about Plan International.

And to cast your vote, all you have to do is click “LIKE.

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