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Healthy Latin American Meals You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less

First, we want to remind you that eating healthier absolutely in no way, means that you have to give up your favorite cultural foods. So many Latin American dishes are brimming with nutrients that will fuel and strengthen your body....

3 Simple and Healthy Food Swaps You Can Implement at Home

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton
There are many people who have decided to make 2019 a year of healthy eating choices and maintaining a more balanced diet. Here are a few healthy food swaps to help you accomplish your goals towards a healthier lifestyle. Buckwheat flour https://www.pinterest.com/pin/263953228149671234/?nic_v2=1a4qzuVRz...

People Are Praising Cosmo For Having A Full-Figured Model On the Cover

Araceli Cruz
Cosmo‘s cover is fantastic! The October issue of Cosmopolitan UK features full-figured model Tess Holliday and people are over the moon about this inclusion of body positivity. While Cosmo has featured full-figured models before — well, technically just one (Ashley Graham),...